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Build Your Recruitment Strategy Graduate School

Recruitment Toolbox

Build Your Student Recruitment Strategy

Identify Prospects

Requests for Information

The Graduate School’s Request for Information Form on our website implements a workflow that includes a notification to departments that a student has shown interest in their program(s). We encourage departments to follow up on these requests. The Graduate School, through 8 emails, supplies the prospects with generic information about graduate school at WSU,  financing, housing, insurance, and research. The departments have the opportunity to recruit students who have already shown interest in their program. The Graduate School receives from 90 to 250 requests for information each month.

Graduate Fairs and Conferences

When a student fills out a Request for Information Form on a tablet at the graduate fairs we attend, these requests follow the same workflow as the other Requests for Information. Departments will receive requests for information from students who have attended the UI Career Fair, SACNAS, Murdock, and McNair conferences.

Name Lists and Searches

Following are lists of prospective student names for your recruitment efforts. You must sign in with your network ID and password to download. Note that not all students have included their intended field of study.

Plan your campaign


Below are some topics for letters and a few examples you might send to prospective students:

  1.  Campus Climate and Social Support (example)
  2.  Funding Opportunities (example)
  3.  Program Information and highlights (example)
  4.  Letters from current students
  5.  Alumni testimonials
  6.  Location highlights
  7.  Employment statistics after graduation
  8.  Faculty and research news
  9.  Housing, child care, health care, public schools

Improve your communications


Track and analyze your email contacts

  1. Maintain a log of your recruitment process with each prospect and/or name list. An excel spreadsheet, or a similar program, should work well.
  2. Using a Customer Relationship Management program (CRM) for sending out communications will enable you to track open rates and try different subject lines

7 ways to improve your recruitment strategy

1.   Be proactive
2.   Respond promptly
3.   Maintain good relations
4.   Be service-oriented
5.   Be attentive
6.   Identify needs
7.   Communicate





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