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Professional Development Initiative Growing Outstanding Academic and Leadership Skills

The Professional Development Initiative

The Professional Development Initiative (PDI) is organized by the Graduate School and Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) and has received support through many partnerships with colleges across campus. This initiative provides a range of programs, training opportunities and resources for graduate and professional students to help prepare them for academic and career success. The goal of the PDI is to ensure that all graduate and professional students gain the skills, knowledge, and mindsets necessary to succeed professionally and academically.


We have developed a series of core competencies intended to guide students through their programs and help them make the transition into their future roles in academia or industry. The following core competencies apply to masters and doctoral students across disciplines and a wide range of professional settings:

  • Academic and Career Development
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Leadership and Professionalism
  • Personal Wellbeing


Upcoming PDI Events

Presentation TopicSpeaker Date(s)TimeEvent Format
Human Subject Research and Institutional Review Board WorkshopIRB Office9/1/202112 pm -2 pmVirtual
You’re a Teaching Assistant: Congratulations! Now What?Paul Buckley 9/2/202112 pm -1 pmVirtual
Resources Available for International Students At WSUCody Tornow   
Haixia He
9/8/202112 pm - 2 pmVirtual
How The Office of Research WorksEmily Brashear, Samuel Rodriguez9/14/202112 pm -2 pmVirtual
Alumni Panel Discussion: Diverse Career PathsCandice Willmon,
Jennifer Albright,
Sark Mahdasian
9/23/202112 pm -1:30 pmVirtual
Panel Discussion: Presenting Your Research to a Lay Audience: Translating Your 3 MT Skills to Practical ConversationsMary Sanchez,
Kanale Rhoden,
Amir Gilmore,
Ayumi Manawadu
10/06/202112 pm -1:30 pmVirtual
How to Write Proposals that Get Funded and Papers that Get Cited: Story and Story Structure (The Strategy of Communication)Joshua Schimel10/07/202112 pm - 2 pmVirtual
How to Write Proposals that Get Funded and Papers that Get Cited: Activating Language (The Tactics of Communication) Joshua Schimel10/12/202112 pm - 2 pmVirtual
How to Write Proposals that Get Funded and Papers that Get Cited: Developing Flow and Coherence (The Magic in between that weds Strong Language with a Good Strategy to make a Killer Document)Joshua Schimel10/14/202112 pm - 2 pmVirtual
CV Writing and Elevator PitchSandra Brabb10/20/202112 pm - 2 pmVirtual
Graduate Student Health and Health Resources at WSUMarie Gray10/22/202112 pm - 2 pmVirtual
The Academic Job ApplicationRobert Mealey,
Matthew Sutton,
Monica Johnson
11/4/202112 pm -1:30 pmVirtual
Alumni Panel Discussion: Views of Corporate CareersChristopher Detzel
Daniel Zommick
Ellen Bornhorst
Farshid Shariatzadeh
11/10/202112 pm - 2 pmVirtual