Professional Degrees

A professional degree is designed to prepare you to work in a particular profession, often meeting the academic requirements for licensure or accreditation. Prerequisites and admissions requirements may differ from other graduate-level degrees.

Professional degrees at WSU are managed by their respective departments. To find out how to apply for these degrees, click on the associated with each.

DVM:  Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

A veterinarian is trained in the science of prevention, cure, or alleviation of disease and injury in animals. Admission to the WSU veterinary medical education program is competitive and requires a broad undergraduate experience. For more information about this degree, visit 

MBA:  Master of Business Administration

WSU’s top-ranked online MBA program delivers high-level management skills and strategies. Degree concentrations include marketing, finance, hospitality business management, international business, or general. Students graduate in as few as 22-29 months with the skills to become business leaders across cultures and borders. The MBA and Executive MBA programs are offered on our Tri-Cities campus or online.

PharmD:  Doctor of Pharmacy

At the WSU College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, it’s about more than just becoming a pharmacist–it’s about leading pharmacy into the future. Our expert faculty is passionate about inspiring the next generation of health care providers. From researching the latest breakthroughs in medicine to real-world experiences in policy-making and hands-on experience working with patients starting your first year, the PharmD program at WSU helps you pursue the areas of pharmacy that most interest you.

MD: Medical Doctor

The MD program in the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine trains you to be more than a physician. The College equips you with depth and breadth of experience that advances your understanding of the practice of medicine. In addition, you will be prepared to care for individual patients, ready to take the lead in addressing community healthcare issues. You will learn to recognize problems in healthcare delivery, to create innovative solutions, and to mobilize change that improves the health of populations.

Professionally Oriented Master’s Degrees

A professionally oriented master’s degree program is an academic graduate degree that prepares the student for a particular profession by emphasizing competency in a set of skills needed to practice in the profession. These programs rely heavily on curriculum and may include required internships, fieldwork or clinical hours, and/or a final capstone experience that applies the professional knowledge, skills and training to a problem within the profession. These graduate programs are managed by the Graduate School. Apply here.

METM: Master of Engineering and Technology Management

Washington State University’s Engineering and Technology Management (ETM) program prepares engineering and business professionals to make strategic and operational decisions and become leaders in the management of technology. Courses provide practicing engineers with the knowledge, tools, and skills to manage projects, operations, organizations, and people. The ETM program is specifically tailored for professionals who want to advance their careers while still working full time. Live, online classes are available from anywhere and are also recorded and available on-demand.

PSM-EPE: Professional Science Master’s Degree in Electrical Power Engineering

WSU’s Professional Science Master’s (PSM) in Electrical Power Engineering combines advanced technical courses with professional management training to help students achieve high-paying employment.

Professional Science Master’s in Electrical Power Engineering