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Washington State University Graduate School

RADS Cohorts

2022-23 Cohort

Tosha Big Eagle
Program: Prevention Science, PhD

Emma Carlsen
Program: Chemistry, PhD

Jacqueline Carlton
Program: Mathematics & Statistics, PhD

Andrea Delgado
Program: Biology, PhD

Janelle Dockter
Program: Mathematics & Statistics, PhD

Jordan W. George
Program: Music, MA

Safiya Hafiz
Program: Sociology, PhD

Bryn Merrill
Program: Chemistry, PhD

Marlo Ramo Morales
Program: Physics & Astronomy, PhD

Raymond Bennett
Program: Experimental Psychology, PhD

Rachel Ellenwood
Program: Communication, PhD

Allison Hoffbuhr
Program: Mathematics & Statistics, PhD

Natalie Kallish
College: Voiland School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering, PhD

Taylor Krilanovich
Program: Molecular Biosciences, PhD

Fidelia Lare
Program: Biological Sciences, MS in Biology

Brenna Peever
Program: Physics & Astronomy, PhD

Miranda Zuniga-Kennedy
Program: Clinical Psychology, PhD

2021-22 Cohort

Allison Acosta
Program: Physics, PhD

Malachi Chukwu
Program: Political Science, PhD

Cameron Cordero
Program: Molecular Biosciences, PhD

Rommel Cortez
Program: Mathematics, PhD

Victoria Gonzalez
Program: Apparel, Merchandising, Design, and Textiles (AMDT), MS

Hannah Hallikainen
Program: Chemical Engineering, PhD

Tiffany Kite
Program: Anthropology (Archaeology), MA

Vanessa Lopez
Program: Molecular Biosciences, PhD

Tara McLaughlin
Program: Anthropology (Archaeology), MA

Kevin Melendez
Program: Music, MA

Sarah Mills
Program: Prevention Science, PhD

Emperatriz Rivas
Program: Language, Literacy, and Technology, PhD

Jimena Ruiz
Program: Molecular Biosciences, PhD

Elizabeth Thompson
Program: Mathematics, PhD

Nicole Whiteley
Program: Clinical Psychology, PhD

Christel Woods
Program: English, PhD

2020-21 Cohort

Chloé Dydasco
Program: Educational Psychology, PhD
Research Interests: Indigenous and Cultural Research, STEM Research, Women’s Studies, Post-Colonial Research, Language and Literacy, Motivation and Self-Regulation, Mindfulness, Meta-cognition
More about Chloé: I am a native Chamorrita, born and raised on the beautiful island of Guam. I lived there for my whole life before moving to Pullman to pursue a PhD. I am a first-generation college student and earned a Bachelor’s in 2013 in Secondary Education in General Science, minoring in both Biology and Music. I earned my Master’s in Secondary Education in STEM in 2015, and taught science and music in middle and high schools for 6 years. If I am not teaching or doing anything for school, you can find me going on adventures and traveling around the world, baking and decorating sugar cookies and cakes, exercising, training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, reading books in the sun, or singing and/or playing piano. I love diversifying my interests and expanding my horizons, but it’s even better when I can help others while doing so.


Shelby Havel
Program: Molecular Biosciences, PhD
Research Interests: Epigenetics, Tissue Remodeling
More about Shelby: Shelby received her B.S. in General Biology in the fall of 2018 from Boise State University. During her undergraduate degree, she worked in multiple labs acquiring skills in the fields of ecology and molecular biology. Following her degree, she worked for a time as an Environmental Microbiologist before deciding to continue with her education and move to Pullman. In her free time she enjoys watching movies, reading, art, video games, and playing with her very rambunctious cat.



Victoria Jones
Program: Clinical Psychology, PhD
Research Interests: Stress, infant temperament, adverse childhood experiences, and parent-child interactions
More about Victoria: Victoria is first-generation college student originally from Spartanburg, SC. She graduated from East Tennessee State University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in sociology. At WSU, she works with Dr. Gartstein in the Infant Temperament Lab. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and spending time with her dog.



Nadia McLean
Program: Neuroscience, PhD
Research Interests: Addiction, Alcohol Use Disorder
More about Nadia: As a first-generation student, I graduated from the University of Kansas with a B.S. in Behavioral Neuroscience. Throughout my undergraduate degree, I was part of the McNair Scholar’s Program where I was given the resources to fund my research and discover my passion for understanding drug use and addiction. Here at WSU, my research goal is to better understand the genetic susceptibility of alcohol use and dependence. Outside of the lab, I enjoy being outside and hiking with my dogs as well as baking.



Carolyn Pagán
Program: Clinical Psychology, PhD
Research Interests: Neuropsychological assessment of cognition and functional abilities in the aging population.

More about Carolyn: Carolyn is a first generation college graduate from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, but is originally from Miami, Florida. She obtained her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Sam Houston State University in Texas. After graduate school, she worked a few years at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) as the Research Coordinator of the Psychology Department. While at CSUN, her spark in research reignited and she started working on research evaluating cognition in older adults and evaluating how individuals from various cultural groups were performing on commonly used neuropsychological tests as compared to monolingual English speaking Caucasians. She is now pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology at WSU working at the Neuropsychology & Aging lab where she can continue her research on cognition in older adults.

Meenakshi Richardson
Program: Prevention Science, PhD
More about Meena: I am a citizen of the Haliwa-Saponi Nation and in the Tutelo-Saponi language our tribe means “People of the Red Clay”, so it is no coincidence that ‘red clay’ is my favorite color! I was born in Virginia and raised in the Pacific Northwest, calling the greater Seattle area home. Before becoming a Prevention Science graduate student, I was serving the urban Indian community through health and human services, community partnerships and Indigenous informed systems of care. I served as the Research Manager at the Urban Indian Health Institute, one of the 12 epidemiology centers in the country that solely focuses on urban Native communities. It was there that I coordinated an NIH U19 grant funded research project focused on suicide amongst Urban American Indian and Alaska Native young adults, as well as environmental, policy and health/human service access research. I was then elevated to the Community Services Program Director position at the Seattle Indian Health Board, re-implementing and evaluating direct service programming for urban Indian homelessness, gender-based and domestic violence interventions, primary health education support for Native youth grades 1-5 in the Seattle Public School district, as well as holistic care in integrating Traditional Indian Medicine practices into direct services. My current research endeavors and community emphasis brought me to WSU to focus on core foundations, theories, and principals of Prevention Science, and how to lean into that knowledge through a cultural and integrative lens to address intergenerational trauma, accessing health and human services as well as racial equity and social justice in partnership with BIPOC communities and government entities. Additionally, my research and practice interests surround social determinants of behavioral and environmental health as it pertains to harm-reduction, trauma informed care, suicide, substance abuse, parent-child relationships, ecological risk factors, and coping amongst Indigenous populations. Outside of work and school, I heal and restore myself through beading, yoga, reading and connecting with the earth by hiking, gardening, and practicing Traditional Indian Medicine.

Tristan Akdamar
Kevin Baird
Naseeha Cardwell
Jeffery Erickson
Angel Haynes
Sadie Izaguirre
Hannah Johnson
Jair Johnson
Tobias Johnston
Andrew Martinez

2019-20 Cohort

Kara Brown
Program: Clinical Psychology, PhD
Research Interests: Neurodevelopment

More about Kara: Kara Brown received her B.S. in psychology from the University of Oklahoma and is now working toward her Ph.D. in clinical psychology here at WSU. In addition to research, Kara also Chairs the Recruitment and Transition committee in the Clinical Psychology Graduate Student Organization, which allows her to continue working with undergraduate students from under-represented backgrounds to achieve their goals of attending graduate school for clinical psychology. Recently, Kara received the NSF graduate research fellowship to continue research in neurodevelopment in infancy.


Robert Christian
Program: Neuroscience, PhD
Research Interests: Memory





Rachel (Chedda) Ellenwood
Program: Communication, MA
Research Interests: Indigenous Populations
More about Rachel: I was born a Coug. WSU is built on my ancestral homelands of the Nimiipuu (Nez Perce Tribe), so it was only fitting that I attend WSU for not only my undergraduate degree but for graduate school as well. I am the daughter of Kub & Susie Ellenwood, mother to Terrell Ellenwood-Jones and soon to be wife to Emery Wilson. I love my culture and learning about others. I participate in many school activities and volunteer as much as I can. I hope that more Indigenous students find their homes here. Go Cougs!



Elvin Cabrera
Humberto Jimenez
Brianne Jones
Kevin Jones
Portia Kunz
Jesus Lopez
Erica Magana
Samantha Manz
Alexander Messick
Colleen Monahan
Sandra Yokley

2018-19 Cohort

Tiffany Alvarez
Emily Harris
Joanna Hurtado
Ella McCalidaine
Jomalu Neyman
Rachel Perrier
Heather Ramos
Miguel Rosas
Katrina Sabochick
Sherwin Sales
Eduardo Sanchez
Brisa Zavala

2017-18 Cohort


Brent Arnoldussen
Program: Horticulture, PhD
Research Interests: Applied Tree Fruit Physiology and Precision Orchard Systems





Angelo Brown
Program: Criminal Justice & Criminology, PhD
Research Interests: International policy studies





Gina Castillo
Program: Ph.D. in Sociology Department: Sociology
Research Interests: Crime, Deviance, Social Control and Social Justice, Social Inequalities and how these themes intersect with Education, Work, Organizations, and Labor markets during Life Course
More About Gina: Gina Castillo graduated with a B.S. in Sociology and a minor in Computer Science from Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon. As a Ford Family Foundation Scholar, she began Kernel of Hope, a program that educates on both the dangers and safety found in technology for survivors of abuse/stalking, and that offers classes with a non-basic skills approach to confidence training. As a senior, she completed an independent evaluation research project of a peer-run mentorship program for women exiting prison. During her undergraduate tenure, Gina balanced raising twin boys (now 9 years old) with working as a research assistant in the Linfield Center for the Northwest (LCN), and as a mentor to women exiting prison. During her time at the LCN, Gina worked collaboratively with the Director on projects such as: Oral Histories, designing a Sustainability Survey, and several projects surrounding Latino Farmers and their participation in a CSA. Her most recent project was in her role as the administrator of iFOCUS–a pre-orientation Science program at Linfield College, and as a crisis line worker at HOAP in Salem Oregon. Gina is passionate about undergraduate success! Gina enjoys spending time with her family, camping and the outdoors

Sedelia Dominguez
Program: Molecular Biosciences, PhD
Research Interests: Infectious Diseases
More about Sedelia: Hello! My name is Sedelia and I am a first-generation latina graduate student pursuing a PhD in Molecular Biosciences. I am originally from San Diego, CA. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Biology at St. John’s University in New York. After my Bachelors, I decided to pursue a doctorate degree at Washington State University in hopes to conduct research that focused on infectious disease and how infectious agents interact with cells inside our bodies. After graduation, I hope to continue with my academic career as a post-doc and eventually a senior researcher in academia. Outside the lab, I love to stay active with CrossFit and get creative with brewing hard cider.


Tabitha Espina Velasco picture (1)Tabitha Espina Velasco
Program: Ph.D. in English
Department: English
Research Interests: Cultural Rhetoric, Postcolonial Identity, Filipino-American Studies
More About Tabitha: Tabitha Espina Velasco is a Ph.D. Candidate in English Rhetoric and Composition at Washington State University. She is also the Outreach Coordinator for the WSU Critical Literacies Achievement and Success Program. A proud island girl, she was Guam’s youngest recording artist, releasing her Island Girl album at age 5. She is a government of Guam Merit Scholar, earning both her B.A. in Education as the Fall 2011 valedictorian and M.A. in English at the University of Guam (UOG). She has taught first-year composition courses at WSU, English courses and Women and Gender Studies courses as a full-time instructor at UOG, and has taught Adult Education English courses as an adjunct instructor at Guam Community College. Her work has been published in regional, national, and international books and scholarly journals, and she has presented her research at conferences across the nation and in eight countries. Her love for adventure has led her to twenty-nine countries.


Dominic Bush
Landon Charlo
Tyler Fouty
Jenisha Gerard
Melissa Jenkins
Kevin Marchbanks-Owen
Eugene Mason
Larmie Paxton
Heather Ryan
Vanessa Real-Villalobos
Samantha Tjaden

2016-2017 Cohort

Jackelyn HidalgoJackelyn Hidalgo

Program: Ph.D. Prevention Science
Department: Human Development
Research Interests: Childhood Obesity Prevention
More About Jackelyn: Although born and raised, I decided to remain in Washington and attend Washington State University in 2012. As an undergraduate student, I was fortunate to be selected by faculty nomination for the Ronald E. McNair Post-baccalaureate Achievement Program, a program designed to prepare students for graduate research. I graduated in spring of 2016 with my degree in Kinesiology. My kinesiology background offers a holistic approach to physical activity in relation to the individual. An interesting fact about me is that I am very fascinated by the body building community and keep up with a few competitors. Upon completing the prevention science program, I intend to be globally active and continue conducting research for the prevention of obesity.


Nadia Panossian
Program: Mechanical Engineering
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: Renewable Energy, Electrical Grid Balancing
More About Nadia: Nadia is from Silver Spring, Maryland and got her BS in mechanical engineering at the University of Maryland. As an undergrad, she was a member of the Mighty Sound of Maryland (the University’s marching band) and started a wind power team for the National Renewable Energy Lab’s Collegiate Wind Competition. She interned with UMD’s Simulation-Based System Design Lab, the Army Research Lab, and Baltimore Gas and Electric. After graduating, she worked for Siemens Energy in Orlando. In her free time, Nadia enjoys hiking and playing the piano.


Ryan Booth
Program: U.S. History
Department: History
Research Interests: American West, Native American History
More About Ryan: Ryan Booth originally hails from the Skagit Valley of Washington, but most recently resided in Wenatchee. With deep Northwest roots, Ryan claims both Upper Skagit Tribal membership and Oregon Trail pioneer ancestry. Having earned a bachelor’s degree in history and philosophy from Loyola University Chicago in 2001, Booth pursued a career in the National Park Service. Prior to the NPS, he was a Jesuit scholastic in the Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus. After spending five years in federal service, Booth taught at Heritage University while earning his masters in history at Central Washington University. Having found the career of a lifetime in teaching, Ryan plans to obtain his doctorate so he can spend the rest of his life teaching others about history at a small liberal arts college. When not studying, he enjoys reading, watching artsy films and hiking the hills.


Marisa Cervantes
Program: Ph.D. in Sociology
Department: Sociology
Research Interests: Family, Gender, Intimate partner and domestic violence, and race/class/gender inequalities
More About Marisa: I am a first-generation college graduate from the San Francisco Bay Area, California. I earned a B.A in Sociology and Spanish from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles in 2014. As an undergraduate, I did research on first-generation college students and co-created a program called First to Go, which provided resources and mentoring to help first year students navigate their way through college. Through my involvement with First to Go, I co-facilitated a course and discovered my passion for teaching. It was that experience that inspired me to pursue a Ph.D. so that I would be able to teach at the university level. I am grateful to have the opportunity to be at WSU and work towards doing what I love!


Emily Lafrance

Emily Lafrance
Program: Psychology
Department: Experimental Psychology
Research Interests: Health & Cognitive Psychology, including exercise, substance use, mindfulness & cognition
More About Emily: I graduated from Pullman high school in 2012 after moving to the Palouse from the California Bay Area. I completed my bachelor’s in Psychology at WSU and loved it so much I decided to stay for my Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology. My research focuses on the effects of exercise and substance use on various aspects of cognitive ability. Outside of school, my favorite pastimes include hiking and backpacking with my two-year-old Australian Shepherd, fly fishing and rafting!


Jesus Caro

Jesus Caro
Program: Physics
Department: Physics
Research Interests: Compact binaries, LMXB. Cosmology, Computational Physics.
More About Jesus: I’m from Texas, I received my B.S. at The University of Texas at El Paso. I love to play Euro tabletop games, am a novice RPGer and tend to obsess over anything that presents a cognitive challenge. My favorite captain is Picard, favorite cheese is Feta, favorite game is Power Grid, and my favorite molecule is C60. I look forward to spending the next several years in Washington!



Johannetsy AvillanJohannetsy Avillan
Program: Ph.D. Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Department: Veterinary Medicine
Research Interests: Antimicrobial Resistance
More About Johannetsy: I did my BS in microbiology in Puerto Rico, then moved to Florida where I did my medical technology program while working for the VA hospital. I moved to Atlanta, GA where I worked for 4 years for CDC in their antimicrobial resistance and characterization laboratory. I also was a CDC Spanish spokesperson. I have a 5 years old boy who is very active and lovely. I enjoy cooking and baking, love seafood but don’t like vegetables so now that I’m getting old I’m working on trying to incorporate them into my diet (at least trying). I like traveling to different places and at least I normally go to Puerto Rico and Florida once a year. Also, depending on how my day goes, I can start speaking to you in English but can switch back and forward to Spanish, if so, eventually I will realize it and re-explain myself.

Francisco “Paco” Gonzalez-Tapia
Program: Ph.D. Horticulture (Potato Agronomy Focus)
Department: Horticulture
Research Interests: Alternative agricultural input efficacy. Irrigation efficiency
More About Paco: Francisco “paco” Gonzalez-Tapia is a first-year graduate student pursuing a Ph.D. in Horticulture and will be focusing in potato agronomy. Francisco is interested in researching the efficacy of alternative agricultural inputs and ways to improve current center pivot irrigation in potatoes. Francisco is also interested in the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems to diagnose deficiencies, stress, and diseases in potatoes.Francisco graduated from Washington State University in 2016 with a Bachelor in Agricultural Food Systems, major in Agricultural Technology & Management and minor in Horticulture.After Francisco graduates with his Ph.D., he plans to move back to his hometown of Othello, where his parents dwell and will pursue a career as a potato research agronomist. Francisco hopes to be able to purchase land and build a house out of town with his wife, where they are able to raise animals and grow crops.

RADS_BioPic_ZoieZoie Lopez
Program: Ph.D. in Plant Biology
Department: Biology
Research Interests: Cooperation between plants and beneficial soil microbes; how soil constitution (biotic and abiotic) influences plant trait expression and plant community dynamics; and how genetic differences within a species confer susceptibility or resistance to stressors amongst plant ecotypes, especially considering plant-microbe mutualisms.
More About Zoie: I am a first year Plant Biology Ph.D. student studying the evolutionary and ecological shifts in the legume-rhizobium symbiosis during biological invasions. I received my undergraduate degree in Biology from UC Davis. Over the course of my studies I have worked on determining plant genetic variation through greenhouse common garden experiments, I investigated the genetic basis of stress tolerance in Arabidopsis, and I completed a summer REU project at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory looking at evolutionary responses to climate change in high elevation plants. After graduating, I became involved in the legume-rhizobium study system as Dr. Stephanie Porter’s research technician, and I am excited to continue working in her lab as a graduate student. When I am not studying I enjoy hiking, playing my viola, and slack lining. I also have a BA in English from the University of California, Davis.

Noe GomezNoe Gomez
Program: Ph.D. in Animal Science
Department: Animal Science
Research Interests: Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition as seen in Livestock Production
More About Noe: First off, no, I don’t own a pet cow (only Fall 2016 RADS will understand this). However, that doesn’t mean that I refrain from bovine-inclusive activities! Although I was raised a beach-bum on the scenic coastlines of the State of California, the majority of the past couple years in college have been spent debating whether it will be a “boot or sandal” day.At WSU, my research will focus on nutrigenomics – the study of how a diet can influence gene expression. In particular, I will study how different diets affect livestock growth and their eventual incorporation into the food market. With the world’s population growing at an increasing rate, I hope to contribute to this field of agriculture by one day joining faculty ranks at a university where I can continue researching and teaching in the field of animal sciences. Go Cougs!


lamonica-harrisonLamonica Harrison
Program: Ph.D. in Criminal Justice & Criminology
Department: Criminal Justice & Criminology
Research Interests: The effects of adverse childhood experiences and its correlation with different types of heinous crimes. The effects of social media on law enforcement and social separation.
More About Lamonica: Lamonica Harrison is originally from Hampton, Virginia, but recently moved to Washington State from Prince Georges County, Maryland. Inspired by her desire for change and new experiences, she decided to take the leap to the west coast to get started on her new journey and dream to earn her doctoral degree. Lamonica has a bachelor’s in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology and a Master’s in Forensic Psychology. Her passion for both fields lead her to many questions about the justice system and thought processes as a society. She is a curious person which works well with her ability to adjust to changing circumstances and new environments. Lamonica loves the outdoors and embarking on new ventures as she brings warm welcomes from the east coast.



Richard Owens (King Rich)
Program: Jazz Studies Instrumentation: Trombone
Department: Kimbrough School of Music
Research Interests: Ethnomusicology (West African and American Jazz Infused)
More About Richard: Born October 16th, 1983. He hails from Chicago, IL where jazz music surfaces the streets. Rich’s first music class was from his grandfather George D. Johnson, a jazz pianist. Young Richard joined the District 152 band program in the fourth grade were his interest were drums but the directors demanded him to play trombone. He attended Thornton Township High School and discovered jazz trombonist J.J. Johnson, whom gave him the vision to become a jazz musician. King Rich’s trombone style is influenced by many jazz musicians with whom he shared the stage with Jazz legends such as Frank Foster, Frank West, Barrie Lee Hall Jr., Joe Sample, Orbit Davis, Von Freeman, Kurt Elling, Buddy Guy, Femi Kuti, Sean Jones and Jon Faddis Bill Watrous. After completing his Bachelor’s degree from Texas Southern University in 2015 He was accepted into the Washington State University Kimbrough School Music to study his master’s in Jazz Studies. Richard really enjoys performing on Trombone with many different bands and genres.

Ta’Boris Osborne
Jose Razo
Oscar Martinez
Christina Louie
Kalina Ebling
Megan Brendal

2015-16 Cohort



Ashley Faytol
Program: Ph.D. Counseling Psychology
Department: Counseling Psychology
Research Interests: Chicana spirituality & healing
More About Ashley: As the youngest of five and a first generation college student, I did not believe that graduate school was an option for me until I became involved with the McNair Scholars program through California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, where I completed a dual major bachelor’s degree in psychology and gender, ethnic, & multicultural studies. Afterward, I immediately went on to receive my master’s degree in counseling through California State University, Fullerton. However, after completing a thesis focusing on male victims of intimate partner violence, I decided to take time away from school. During that time, I worked for a child protection agency and provided individual and group counseling for victims of intimate partner violence and their families. Although I was inspired on a daily basis by my clients, I felt that something was missing from my life and decided to apply for doctoral programs, not fully believing that I would successfully gain admission. Fast forward to today and I just finished the first year of my counseling psychology doctoral program! I guess anything really can happen!


Katherine Hirchak
Program: Ph.D. Prevention Science
Department: Human Development
Research Interests: The prevention and treatment of substance use disorders among American Indian/Alaska Native peoples.
More About Katherine: I am a federally recognized direct descendant of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe located on the Wind River Indian Reservation in central Wyoming. My passion is in promoting the health and well-being of Indigenous peoples mainly through effective health policy and translational research. I am obsessed with cats, love nature walks, and am not embarrassed to admit that I am a “heavy” podcast user. Proud to belong to the Yellow Bangs Clan, everyday I work to carry on the dreams of my ancestors in support of current and future generations. Who-wee-hoo.



Jessica Ortiz
Program: Ph.D. Molecular Plant Science (MPS)
Department: Crops and Soil Sciences (CSS)
Research Interests: Studying biochemical pathways in order to develop genetically improved crops. To develop improved plant varieties using genetic engineering, which involves manipulating the plant’s genes through techniques of modern molecular biology.
More About Jessica: I earned a B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of California, Riverside in 2011. My undergraduate research involved the development of a morphological and molecular key for the classification of several species of Orasema (Hymenoptera: Eucharitidae) so they can be more accurately identified for potential use in biological control efforts against fire ants. I earned a M.S. in Biochemistry from the California State University, Los Angeles in 2015. I worked on identifying T-DNA insertion sites in A. thaliana transgenic lines via TAIL-PCR and performed targeted mutagenesis in A. thaliana and O. sativa using CRISPR-Cas system.


Brianne Posey
Program: Ph.D. in Criminal Justice and Criminology
Department: Criminal Justice and Criminology
Research Interests: Violence in society; juvenile justice, issues in medico-legal science and corrections
More About Brianne: I was originally born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Although I am a Colorado native, I have never been skiing or snowboarding. I am a huge comic, star wars, and horror movie nerd. I love the beach but I am terrified of open water. I love food and am somewhat of a food snob, but my cooking skills are mediocre. In my spare time I volunteer with the Office of Violence Prevention on campus as a peer educator, Green Dot student facilitator, and office maintenance support. I’m a vegetarian (since January 2016). I love classical music, plays, going to the ballet, roller-coasters, and working hard to prevent violence on WSU’s campus, as well as in society. I aspire to be a professor and researcher/ academic.



Naomi Wallace
Program: Ph.D. in Neuroscience
Department: Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience
Research Interests: Circadian Rhythms, Development
More About Naomi: Naomi graduated with a BS in Psychology and a concentration in Cognitive Neuroscience in 2015 from the University of Denver. During her undergraduate studies, she worked in the Family and Child Neuroscience Lab studying sleep and its relationship to the socioeconomic mental health gradient in 8-10-year-old children. In her free time, Naomi enjoys traveling, cooking, and playing the saxophone.



Kerry Francis
Danielle Guzman

Nalee Moua
Kelly Nguyen
Bojana Opacic
Victoria Ortega

Carly Prior
Emiliano Reed
Joseph Taylor
Breanna Wong

2014-15 Cohort



Priyanka Bushana
Program: Neuroscience
Department: Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience (Veterinary Medicine)
Research Interests: Sleep, Metabolism.
More About Pri: “Pri” earned her bachelor’s degree in 2012 in Information Systems and Biological Sciences from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County where she participated in the CWIT (Center for Women and Information Technology) and the Honors College. After graduating, she worked at Northrop Grumman, then participated in an ORISE Fellowship with the Food and Drug Administration, where she worked to validate the nematode C. elegans as a neurotoxicological model. In her free time, she has become involved in volunteering at the Mobius Science Center and Children’s Museum in Spokane. She also has played rugby for the past 7 years, and has continued to play with the Spokane Women’s Rugby Club.



Ruby Kim
Program: American Studies Program
Department: Critical Culture, Gender, and Race Studies (CCGRS)
Research Interests: Postcolonial feminist theory, queer theory, specifically interested in sexual violence against Korean comfort woman and camptown women, and U.S. – South Korea relations

More About Ruby: Ruby received her B.A. in English with high distinction from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. She achieved two minors in Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies, thus spurring her interest in the interdisciplinary field of American Studies. During her first year, she presented at four national conferences. This past fall, she presented on a trans panel at the 2015 National Women’s Studies Association in Milwaukee, WI. Her master’s thesis addresses the tensions between the U.S.-ROK alliance, and the commodification of Korean culture, particularly sex workers and LGBT Koreans, as one of the culminating effects of American imperialism and occupation in South Korea. A self-proclaimed nerd of television shows with smart writing and an obsessed Parks and Recreation fan, Korean cinema, all-things-that-are musicals, and of course, any fictional novel with a ferociously feminist protagonist. In Spring 2016, Ruby will receive her master’s degree in American Studies from Washington State University.

Allen, Phill
Anguiano, Carlos
Ricardo Duvil
Paige Lesperance
Lucia Soriano
Riane Stene
Berlin Sudduth
Cynthia Zavala

2013-14 Cohort



Zachary Cartwright
Program: Ph.D. Candidate Food Science
Department: School of Food Science
Research Interests: Wine Microbiology and Processing
More About Zachery: He was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM. After receiving his BS in Biochemistry with top honors from New Mexico State University, he traveled to Pullman, WA to study viticulture, enology, and food science. When he is not in the laboratory researching wine microorganisms, you can find him DJing at Stubblefields under the name DJ Grape Vinyl.



Roxanne Moore
Program: PhD Candidate in Mathematics & Science Education
Department: Teaching & Learning
Research Interests: Rehumanizing mathematics, Black Liberatory Mathematics education, critical race theory in mathematics education, criticalmathematics education, values/valuing in mathematics in Hawai’i, implementations of critical pedagogy, complexity theory in mathematics education, pragmatist epistemologies, and mixed methods research
More About Roxanne: Roxanne holds a B.A. in Law, Letters, and Society (University of Chicago), an M.Ed. in Mathematics Education (Chaminade University of Honolulu), and is a Ph.D. Candidate in Mathematics & Science Education with a Graduate Certificate in Applied Educational Research Methods (Washington State University). Her work focuses on the sociopolitical and cultural context of mathematics education. She has worked as a research and teaching assistant on the NSF grant Making Mathematical Reasoning Explicit, the US Dept. of Education grant McNair Achievement Program, and is a former secondary mathematics teacher and school leader. Her academic experiences have led to a number of publications, conference presentations, an international research collaboration with The Third Wave Project, an NSF DRK-12 CADRE Fellowship, and an NSF NCSES Pathways Internship. Roxanne is also the Founder and CEO of Moore Research Solutions and Consulting, a small firm supporting clients in rehumanizing STEM and STEM Education environments through applied Anti-racist, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion approaches in order to broaden participation in STEM.


Estela Arciniega
Zachary Cartwright
James De Los Santos
William Dupree
Jhoana Duran
Miriam Fernandez
Kristle Figueroa
Nicholas Gailey
Kathy Helling
Jessica Higginbotham
Andrew Iverson
Shantel Martinez
Prashant Pokhrel
Michael Pope
Melissa Rioseco
Ezana Taddese
Peiyu Tan

2012-13 Cohort



Shao Yeh Lu
Program: Ph.D. Candidate Immunology and Infectious Diseases (ID)
Department: Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health
Research Interests: Antimicrobial peptides, bacteriocin, colicin, microcin, antimicrobial resistance
More About Shao: Born in Taiwan and a first generation American/Washingtonian, Shao-Yeh obtained his Bachelor of Science in chemistry with specialization in biochemistry from Central Washington University. At WSU, his research focuses on understanding the regulation, inhibition, and self-immunity of microcin (MccPDI), an antimicrobial peptide, that is known to inhibit foodborne pathogens such as E. coli O157:H7. In addition, he is also interested in mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance associated with the use of antibiotics. He is an NIH Protein Biotechnology Training Program trainee and also an Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) fellow. In his spare time, he likes to explore the beauty of the Pacific Northwest with a camera. Prior to becoming a scientist, he worked in banking with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from the University of Washington

Casey Clark
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