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Graduate Student Assistantships

Assistantship appointments provide financial support to a graduate student who engages in teaching, research, and/or service. Most assistantships include a tuition waiver, health insurance, and monthly stipend. Graduate assistants are required to work 20 hours per week during the semester in which they receive the assistantship. Departments and programs generally make assistantship offers during the admissions process; however, current students may be eligible for an assistantship in their program if funding is available. Students should contact their department chair and/or program director for more information.

Sponsored Student Tuition
& Non-Resident Waiver Form

Note: Beginning August 10, we are accepting Sponsored Student Tuition & Non-Resident Waiver forms via myWSU only. Read below for instructions.

Students eligible for Graduate Student Health Insurance and/or applicable non-resident waiver include:

  • Graduates fully supported by a fellowship who are receiving a stipend of at least  $800 per month; engaged in research activity similar to that of a Research Assistant; registered for at least 10 credits or
  • Students in their final semester (defending by enrolled in 2-9 credits) and previously funded on an assistantship or
  • Students who have completed/submitted the Internship Leave form to the Graduate School
Instructions for submitting forms through myWSU: In myWSU Main Menu, click on WSU: Graduate School: Support Memo
  1. Guarantee Only Instructions: You would submit a guarantee only memo if your department/area is wanting to pay for the student’s insurance, tuition and/or mandatory fees. You can only use accounts that are 11-14 or 17A.
    View the Guarantee only instructions (PDF)
  2. Expenditure authority instructions (PDF)
  3. Commitment Only Instructions: Commitment only memo is to be used only when you are seeking waivers that have been committed to your department/area from the Graduate School. These waivers are typically waivers that cannot be received from assistantships. Please be sure to have your Commitment # available.  View the Commitment only instructions (PDF).
  4. Guarantee Commitment Instructions: You would submit this memo if you want to do both: Pay for some fees associated with the student and seek a Graduate School waiver based on a commitment from the Graduate School. View the Guarantee commitment instructions (PDF).
  5. How to print or save to a PDF
  6. Support Memos can ONLY be submitted for one semester at a time and ONLY once the student is enrolled in the required number of credits and tuition has been calculated.

Ph.D. Fellowship Tuition Support Program

Some fellowship awards fall short of meeting a graduate fellow’s educational expenses. The Ph.D. Fellowship Tuition Support Program (pdf) allows eligible students to receive support from the Graduate School to augment their fellowship award by providing a supplemental tuition waiver support.

Nonservice Payment Form

The Nonservice Payment Form authorizes disbursements to individuals who are not obligated to provide services to WSU in exchange for the payments. Please see the Business Policies & Procedures Manual 30.30 for more information.

Non-service payments are processed through AP. The recipient needs to sign up for direct deposit.