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  • PLEASE NOTE: You will need to access the Graduate School’s policies and procedures for some of these forms.

Searchable Forms List

Form LinkForm DescriptionFile Type
Certificate of Finances

This page and linked form are for international students and sponsors to read and complete. The completed form is necessary to certify that an applicant has sufficient financial support to attend WSU.Webpage
Add an Academic Program Degree LevelSubmit this form if you wish to add a degree level. Contact Graduate Admissions for additional information.Smartsheet Form
All But Dissertation (ABD) WaiverIf you have passed your preliminary exam and have completed your formal program of study course work, you can apply for an ABD waiver by submitting this form.Smartsheet Form
Application for AdmissionWSU's online applicationWebsite
Application for Degree and GraduationInstructions for applying for your degree and graduation in myWSU. You must have an approved program of study on file at the Graduate School.Website
Application for a Graduate Certificate

Deadlines and Procedures for Graduate Certificates
File your coursework for the certificate using this form during the semester in which you are completing the certificate requirements. You must be currently enrolled to apply for a graduate certificate.

2023-2024 and 2024-2025 deadlines and procedures for graduate certificates. Follow these deadlines when applying for a graduate certificate.
Smartsheet Form

Committee ChangeIf you would like to change your committee members use this form.Smartsheet Form
Committee Substitution Please submit the form in a timely fashion if you need to request a substitution for one of your committee members. PDF
Continuous Doctoral StatusLink to Graduate School Policies and Procedures that define enrollment requirements for doctoral students and the requirements for entering Continuous Doctoral Status.Website
Deadlines and Procedures for Doctoral Degrees2023-2024 and 2024-2025 deadlines and procedures for doctoral degrees. This includes information about when to obtain an advisor, file a program of study, schedule a preliminary examination, etc.PDF
Deadlines and Procedures for Master's Degrees2023-2024 and 2024-2025 deadlines and procedures for master's degrees. This includes information about when to obtain an advisor, file a program of study, apply for graduation, etc.PDF
Enrollment Request for
Careers - Undergraduate taking graduate courses
Undergraduates who want to enroll in graduate courses not for graduate credits but toward an undergraduate degree or enrichment purposes. Form must be submitted by the graduate academic coordinator of the department offering the course.PDF
Graduate LeaveFor graduate students wishing to go on official graduate leave.PDF
Graduate to UndergraduateGraduate students who are no longer pursuing a graduate degree must submit this form and also apply to undergraduate admissions. PDF
Graduation ChecklistA list of tasks to be completed in the semester in which you are planning to graduate.PDF
Hold Harmless and Copyright AgreementSubmit this form with your final dissertation or thesis.PDF
Incomplete Grade AgreementAn agreement for instructors and students for submitting an incomplete grade and expectations for completion. Note: if an incomplete grade is not satisfied within one year, the grade will automatically convert to an ‘F’. For example, if you received an Incomplete in fall 2013, you would have until the last day of class fall 2014 to satisfy the incomplete. For details about this policy, visit the registrar’s academic regulations.PDF
International Graduate Student Transfer In ProcedureUsed by international graduate students intending to transfer to WSU from another U.S. institution.Website
Internship Leave FormFor graduate students seeking to participate in a semester internship.PDF
Graduate to MBA StatusTo change your status from graduate student to MBA student PDF
Medical LeaveRequired along with Graduate Leave Form.PDF
Petition to Add, Drop, or Withdraw from CoursesTo change your enrollment status and add, drop, or withdraw from courses.PDF
Plan and Degree Level Change FormSubmit this form if you wish to change your major or degree level. Contact Graduate Admissions for additional information.Smartsheet Form
Plan and Degree - Graduate Bridge ProgramGraduate Bridge students submit this form when progressing into their degree-seeking programSmartsheet Form
Program of Study RequestYour program plan for completing your degreePDF
Program of Study Request: Professionally-oriented CohortFor departments approved as professionally oriented master's programs; used to create the program plan for completing the degree. PDF
Program of Study: External Committee Member Request
Follow these instructions to submit a request to add an external committee member to a student's Program of Study.Website/SmartSheet
Program ChangeSubmit this form if your approved program of study has changed. Be aware of dates and deadlines.PDF
Program of Study for DNPDoctor of Nursing Practice program of study/completion form. Submit the completed form to the Graduate School.PDF
Re-enrollmentComplete at least one month before you return. PDF
Registrar’s Academic Regulations Graduate students must follow procedures in the Policies and Procedures ManualWebsite
Required Votes to Pass ExamsSee the minimum positive votes needed to pass an exam.PDF
Reservation of Graduate Credit

Reservation of Graduate Credit - Pharmacy
Form must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the semester in which you are requesting enrollment.

Form used by Pharmacy students to reserve graduate credit; form must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the semester in which you are requesting enrollment.

Residency QuestionnaireResidency Questionnaire, Requirements, and Instructions Fillable PDF
Scheduling Exam: Doctoral/Thesis Final, Non-thesis Final, and Preliminary ExamsProcedures for scheduling standard exams. Students must have an approved Program of Study on file at the Graduate School before scheduling examinations. Fillable PDF
Scheduling Exam: Interim Final

Scheduling Exam: Interim Preliminary
An Interim Preliminary or final Exam may be requested in extenuating circumstances. The committee chair must provide a rationale why the exam can only be scheduled during one of the periods on the form.PDF
Sponsored Student Tuition & Waiver
Note: The Graduate School has implemented a new procedure. Follow the directions on the link to the left.PDF
Short-term Parental LeaveFor the birth or adoption of a child.PDF
Survey of Earned Doctorates
Click on the right to select the online submission.
Submit along with your final dissertation.Online Survey
Thesis/Dissertation Submission and Formatting RequirementsInstructions for finalizing and submitting your thesis or dissertation.PDF
Thesis/Dissertation Word TemplateDownloadable Thesis and Dissertation Template Word
Thesis/Dissertation Latex TemplateFaculty from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics has created a LaTeX template in Overleaf.Website
Thesis/Dissertation ApprovalDirections and form for committee chair/co-chair final approval of a thesis or dissertation.PDF
Thesis/Dissertation Final Acceptance ChecklistConformance and completeness checklist to assist students in addressing commonly seen formatting errors. This checklist is not submitted to the Graduate School.PDF
Service Request Guide: StudentsDirections for students to upload forms into myWSU and submit them as a service request.PDF
Service Request Guide: FacultyDirections for faculty to review and approve of a service request within myWSU.PDF
Service Request Guide - Program StaffDirections for departmental staff to facilitate, route, and process the final submission of a service request within myWSU.PDF
SMS Form for Graduate AssistantsAll newly hired graduate students on assistantships must complete the sexual misconduct statement questionnaire pursuant to RCW28B.112.PDF