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Why Washington State University?

Did you know that University means “Unity in Diversity?” We all understand that diversity is vital to learning because it opens up our minds to new ideas and cultures and ways of understanding. Here at Washington State University, we embrace diversity–not just the cultural richness that comes from our international community, but the way that we learn and come to understand our complex world. Graduate students from all regions of the globe have come here to learn and grow and return home to make their own communities better places. If you seek to do good in the world, our learning community will engage, challenge, and equip you for lifelong success. Come to WSU and find true unity in diversity.

Michael Gonzalez

A 2015 doctoral graduate of WSU, Gonzalez recently returned to talk to graduate students about opportunities. Read More

Alexandria Hudson

Graduate student Alexandria Hudson finds her research niche using a tiny, unusual subject. Read more.

NarayanKripa Sundararajan

Getting involved helped this student find success. Read More


  • Kaitlin Witherell

    By Ruth Williams

    Kaitlin Witherell, a doctoral student in the Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health at WSU, was destined to become a scientist. When she was young, she frequently went to work with her mother, who is also a scientist. As Kaitlin grew older, so did her interest in microbiology. In high school she conducted an extensive project on the micro-organisms that live off the oxidation of the Titanic.

    “I’d been sitting in the lab for 12 hours one day, and realized that I wasn’t sick of studying it yet,” says Kaitlin. “That was when I realized how much I liked it!”

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  • Lisa Gloss appointed dean of WSU Graduate School

    Lisa Gloss has been appointed as dean of the WSU Graduate School effective Jan. 1. Gloss has been serving as the interim dean since August 2017. Her accomplishments and success as interim dean were integral to the provost’s decision. Read More

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  • Associate Dean Lori Carris Named Fellow of Mycological Society of America

    The newest Fellow of the Mycological Society of America, award-winning Washington State University scientist and teacher Lori Carris helps us understand the incredible impact that fungi have on our crops, our lives and our world. Read More.

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  • Environmental Science and Public Service

    Philip Steenstra is an Army captain and graduate student at Washington State University pursuing a degree in environmental science. He was recently highlighted on the Council of Graduate School’s website. Read More.

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