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Miriam Lizette Fernandez

Learning an ancient language gives her new direction

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Why Washington State University?

Did you know that University means “Unity in Diversity?” We all understand that diversity is vital to learning because it opens up our minds to new ideas and cultures and ways of understanding. Here at Washington State University, we embrace diversity–not just the cultural richness that comes from our international community, but the way that we learn and come to understand our complex world. Graduate students from all corners of the globe have come here to learn and grow and return home to make their own communities better places. If you seek to do good in the world, our learning community will engage, challenge, and equip you for lifelong success. Come to WSU and find true unity in diversity.

Kristen Pratt

Outstanding Dissertation Award

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  • Kevin Gray and Afshin Kahn

    Improving Chemotherapy Treatment to Reduce Side-effects

    Two WSU doctoral graduates partner to become entrepreneurs

    By Kakali Chakrabarti

    When someone close to you is diagnosed with cancer, it can change your life perspective — and sometimes your life projectory. For Kevin Gray, a WSU doctoral graduate, the diagnosis drove him to a new research passion and creation of a biotechnology company to develop novel cancer treatments. Read more.

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  • Nathan Grant

    Research to Feed the Future
    Doctoral student Nathan Grant joins the WSU/U.S. government’s global hunger and food security initiative through his research

    By Cheryl Reed

    Passion and compassion aren’t synonymous, but in the case of molecular plant sciences doctoral student Nathan Grant, the two provide the synergy for his research and future career goals. Working side-by-side with his faculty mentor, Dr. Kulvinder Gill, Nathan is helping develop a heat-tolerant variety of wheat that could be grown in some of the world’s most hot and hunger-challenged regions of the world. Read More

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  • Following in his grandfather’s footstep

    Third generation Coug graduates with his Ph.D.

    By Frank McNeilly

    Exactly 47 years after Charles Heebner graduated from Washington State University with his doctoral degree, his grandson graduated with his. Charles, dressed in full-faculty regalia, attended WSU commencement on December 9, 2017, to hood grandson Craig Owen, who earned his Ph.D. in materials science and engineering. Read their story.

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  • Derick Jiwan

    The Heart of WSU’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

    WSU post-doc Derick Jiwan and team are turning byproducts from the Greek yogurt industry into a healthy drink—while realizing a higher purpose for their scientific research

    By Kakali Chakrabarti and Ruth Williams

    The Greek yogurt industry produces thousands of gallons of acid whey – the unused liquid drained from yogurt to make it creamy. The cost of handling and disposing of all the whey, although rich in nutrition, has been a major expense to the industry—so researchers have been looking for a way to convert the whey into a useable and profitable product. A group of WSU students … » More …

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