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Why Washington State University?

As Washington State’s land grant university, WSU delivers knowledge and the benefits of research activities to people throughout the state and the world. There are hundreds of examples of how the research of our faculty and students has positively influenced business, industry, education, health sciences, government, and communities around the globe. Graduate students at WSU are at the core of important research initiatives centered around our five grand challenges: sustaining health, sustainable resources, opportunity and equity, smart systems, and national security. Bring your research passions to WSU to help untangle complex world problems and enrich the health and life of all.

Amber Morczek

Mitigating the Impact of Sexual Violence

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  • Chemistry is newest addition to ARCS fellowship program

    By Cheryl Reed

    The chemistry department recently joined 11 other Washington State University units that are participants in the Ph.D. fellowship program of ARCS Foundation Seattle. Achievement Rewards for College Scientists helps give WSU a competitive edge in recruiting top graduate students in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.  Read More

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  • Music is His Life

    By Amir Gilmore

    Although he is already a successful musician and entrepreneur, Chicago native Richard Owens has found value in putting his career on hold to get a graduate education at WSU.

    Richard has already generated a lot of buzz composing music and playing his trombone for his own record label. With dedication to music, passion for knowledge, and focus on his craft, Richard has been successfully balancing life as a musician and graduate student in the … » More …

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  • Big Cats, Big Grants, Big Future

    By Amir Gilmore
    Graduate student Travis King
    Imagine, if you can, a world with no cougars. That thought worried WSU graduate student Travis King because he understands the risk extinction would have on our ecosystem.

    The extinction of big cats like cougars and jaguars could have a giant impact on our ecosystem—a worldwide risk aggravated by the degradation of the big cats’ habitat and conflict with humans. Travis took up a passion for studying animals in their … » More …

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Chrystal Quisenberry

Research & Mentoring: A Dynamic Duo That Spells Success.

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