The Graduate School and GPSA’s Evening of Excellence

Evening of Excellence award recipients and their mentors.


The Washington State University Graduate School and Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) ceremony celebrates outstanding scholars at their annual Evening of Excellence.

Last year the event welcomed over 150 attendees and was held at the Marriott Inn Courtyard, on the Pullman campus. Through continued collaboration both organizations expect this event to grow in size and prestige.

In 2023, thanks to the contributions of benefactors, the two organizations awarded a total sum of $71,400 to outstanding graduate students who attended the ceremony alongside faculty mentors and organizational leaders.

The staff of the Graduate School recognizes the accomplishments and contributions of the Research Assistantship for Diverse Scholars (RADS),  NIH Protein Biotechnology Training Program, and Advancing Science in America (ARCS) Foundation Scholars programs.


GPSA Awards

GPSA Excellence Awards

The Graduate and Professional Student Association conducts the GPSA Excellence Awards each year. The GPSA Excellence awards are broken up into 10 different categories: Graduate Assistant, Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant, Graduate Student Instructor, Academic Advisor, Registered Student Organization, Community Engagement, The Worthy, DePauw & Wang Service Leadership Award, Senators of the Year, and College Representative of the Year.  

Research Exposition

A poster session and scholarship competition that allows students to present their original research, scholarship, and/or creative work to the University community while vying for scholarships.

Graduate School Awards

The Wang, Worthy, DePauw Award

The Worthy, DePauw & Wang Leadership Award recognizes exceptional graduate student leaders whose work seeks to improve the lives of fellow graduate students meaningfully. The Graduate School awards $500 to each winner. 

Arnold and Julia Greenwell Memorial Scholarship for Social Sciences and Humanities  

The Arnold and Julia Greenwell Memorial Scholarship for Social Sciences and Humanities is open to all doctoral graduate students in good standing. The winners of this award show outstanding leadership in their field and outreach in their projects that improve the human condition. Each award recipient is given $1500.  

Richard R. and Constance M. Albrecht Scholarship  

The Richard R. and Constance M. Albrecht Scholarship is for all active doctoral graduate students in good standing who have successfully passed their preliminary examination. The winners had peer-reviewed publications/shows/recitals. They also have successful grant proposals/awards while showing service to the institution, profession, and community. Each awardee is given $1500.

Karen P. DePauw Leadership Award

The Karen P. DePauw Leadership Award was created in honor of DePauw’s service to WSU. The award started in 2003 to give recognition to doctoral candidates that demonstrate evidence of leadership skills and/or university involvement. Recipients are nominated by the Association for Faculty Women and awarded $1000. 

Anne and Russ Fuller Fellowship for Interdisciplinary Research/Scholarship

The Anne and Russ Fuller Fellowship for Interdisciplinary Research/Scholarship is open to all doctoral graduate students in good standing. These students are conducting interdisciplinary research/scholarship with demonstrated scholarly productivity. Each winner is awarded $4000.

Graduate School Dissertation Year Fellowship

This nine-month fellowship for doctoral candidates includes a stipend of up to $20,000 for the academic year. Also included is a two-credit tuition waiver and up to $1,000 for travel and/or research. The recipient has conducted a significant research project and meets one or more of a diverse array of criteria, such as exhibiting a record of service that promotes equitable access to underrepresented groups, women, or racial minorities.

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