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TA Workshop Coming January, 2017

The workshop is designed to offer graduate students more personalized contact and individual consultations with expert faculty who can answer questions. Each participant attends sessions that will help inspire, motivate, and encourage them with new ideas to stimulate creative thinking.The teaching workshop will will include an introductory session at 9:00 am, a three-track system allowing participants to select sessions of their particular interests including Small Classroom Strategies, Leadership in Lab Instruction, Teaching Large Classes, and Assessment and Management.

What will I learn?

Emphasized during the workshop are the WSU Learning Goals that influence our teaching practices. Teaching assistants will learn how to engage undergraduate students in the classroom, uphold academic integrity, design a course, write exams, and developing his or her own own personal teaching style.

Advice for Teaching Assistants

Read the advice of experienced TAs as they tell what types of things they wished they’€™d known before their first day of teaching.

Tips for Effective Lecture Preparation and Delivery

While a lecture has certain elements in common with formal speech, a classroom lecture places greater emphasis on the importance of presenter-audience (instructor-student) interaction.

Connect to your Department

Go to your specific department’€™s website to find teaching resources for your discipline.