Graduate Program Fall 2023 Updates

Dear Colleagues,

On October 5, 2023, the WSU Faculty Senate approved the establishment of a policy for the revision of graduate program handbooks and existing graduate certificates. Some time-sensitive changes are summarized below:

Modifying Existing Program Handbooks:
A new policy has been established allowing graduate programs the autonomy to update their handbooks. This change bypasses the previously required Major Curriculum Change process. However, all updates must align with Graduate School Policies and Procedures as well as follow appropriate guidelines. As a quick reminder, the minimum number of credits per degree is shown below:

Degree TypeMinimum Graded CreditMinimum Research CreditMinimum Total Credits
Professionally Oriented Masters273cr Capstone/70130
Non-Thesis Masters264cr 70230
Thesis Masters214cr 70030
Doctor of Education4220cr 80072
Doctor of Philosophy1520cr 80072
Graduate School Policies and ProceduresMaster’s Degree Requirements (7.C.1) and Doctoral Degree Requirements (8.C.1)

It’s essential to note that this streamlined process only applies to updates in existing graduate program handbooks. New graduate programs and courses will still undergo the traditional evaluation process supported by the Faculty Senate.

Modifying Existing Graduate Certificates:
Similar to Program Handbooks, the Faculty Senate established a policy granting graduate programs the freedom to update curricula within existing graduate certificates without undergoing the time-consuming review processes previously involving the Faculty Senate or the Graduate School. All changes, however, must remain aligned with the existing Graduate School Policies and Procedures.

For a detailed understanding, please refer to the Faculty Senate’s official documentation.

Best Regards,

Tammy D. Barry
Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Education