Graduate Certificate in Project Management

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Priority Deadlines:

  • Fall July 15
  • Spring November 15
  • Summer March 15


  • Global Campus (online)

International Student English Proficiency Exams

International students may need to surpass the Graduate School’s minimum English language proficiency exam scores for this program. If the graduate program has unique score requirements, they will be detailed below. Otherwise, please refer to the Graduate School’s minimum score guidelines.

Degree Description:

It is necessary for project managers to update their skills in modern project management techniques to effectively contribute to the continuing growth of the industry. The increasing complexity of project management requires the one in charge to understand the many facets to become/remain proficient in the field. The PM certificate provides the recipients the skills to manage any type of project. It is a fact that all technology managers will have to also manage projects, and it is necessary that these projects be managed professionally. Many professionals have reported that this certificate has allowed them to advance in their careers as a project manager and as a technology manager.

Admission Requirements:

Applicants will supply a well-written personal statement addressing career and personal goals and how this certificate will help reach those goals.

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