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Washington State University Factsheets

Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture

Faculty working with Students: 1
Students: 5
Students receiving assistantships or scholarships: 0%
Priority deadline:
  • Fall January 10
  • Spring July 1
  • Pullman: Yes
Tests required:
  • 550 TOEFL Minimum score
  • 80 TOEFLI Minimum score

Degree Description:

The Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture requires a minimum of 9 graded credits. Two core courses provide 6 credits, and 3 credits must be earned from courses in relevant disciplines outside the student’s primary degree program. No more than 3 of the graded credits toward the certificate may be undergraduate credits. Certificate Core (6 credits) AFS 501: Current Research in Organic and Sustainable Agriculture (3 credits) AFS 545: Field Analysis of Sustainable Food Systems (3 credits) Scientific Breadth Component (3 credits) Because sustainable agriculture is inherently interdisciplinary, the Breadth Component ensures that students gain knowledge of a relevant discipline outside their primary degree department. The student is required to complete at least 3 graded credits in disciplines other than the home department. The course(s) must be clearly and directly relevant to the practice or understanding of sustainable agriculture.

Admission Requirements:

Have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited post-secondary institution. Meet all prerequisite course requirements or be able to demonstrate equivalent knowledge and understanding for courses prior to enrollment.

Career Opportunities:

The Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture increases knowledge and employment potential in any position focused on sustainability. This will include educational, commercial, and research endeavors for production, processing, or policy.

Career Placements:

Agricultural Research Associate
County Agricultural Extension Agent
Vineyard and Winery Technology Grant Director
Landscape Design Specialist

Faculty Members:

Carpenter-Boggs, Lynne, Ph.D.

Location: Pullman

Research Interests

Biologically improving crop and soil health, and sustainable use of agricultural by-products.

Contact Information:

Dr. Lynne Carpenter-Boggs
Johnson 227
Pullman, WA 99164-6420