Doctor of Philosophy in American Studies and Culture

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  • Fall January 10


  • Pullman

International Student English Proficiency Exams

International students may need to surpass the Graduate School’s minimum English language proficiency exam scores for this program. If the graduate program has unique score requirements, they will be detailed below. Otherwise, please refer to the Graduate School’s minimum score guidelines.

  • TOEFL Please have scores sent to the Graduate School

Degree Description:

The Doctor of Philosophy degree (Ph.D.) in the American Studies and Culture program at Washington State University requires a previous bachelor’s degree in American studies or a degree in a related discipline in the social sciences or the humanities. The degree aims to achieve both breadth of knowledge in US cultural history and depth of knowledge in an interdisciplinary area of specialization.

Admission Requirements:

The Graduate School requires that the Ph.D. program include a total of 72 credit hours beyond the B.A., including transfer, research, and dissertation credits. The American Studies and Culture program requires a minimum total of 33 graded credit hours in graduate courses. The distribution of required courses and all other requirements are indicated below. An additional three graded credit hours are required in either an AMST elective or area of specialization as part of the total 33 graded credit hours.

In addition to the core and elective requirements, all Ph.D. students take 9 graded credits in an area of specialization. Areas of specialization serve to delineate a professionally recognizable sub-specialty within American studies and Culture and to prepare students broadly in intellectual areas germane to their dissertation. The area of specialization should show significant historical depth and topical breadth. Each student constructs her/his own coherent course of study within an area of specialization of their own choosing with the approval of their committee chair and the director of American Studies and Culture.

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