Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration – Hospitality and Tourism

Graduate Students in Program:
Students Receiving Assistantships:
Priority Deadlines:

  • Fall January 10th


  • Pullman

International Student English Proficiency Exams

International students may need to surpass the Graduate School’s minimum English language proficiency exam scores for this program. If the graduate program has unique score requirements, they will be detailed below. Otherwise, please refer to the Graduate School’s minimum score guidelines.

  • 7.0 IELTS Minimum score
  • 90 MELAB Minimum score
  • 62 Pearson Minimum score
  • 580 TOEFL Minimum score
  • 92-93 TOEFLI Minimum score
  • 600 GMAT GRE can be substituted

Degree Description:

The PhD in business administration with an emphasis in hospitality and tourism management is designed to prepare graduates for careers in research and teaching at institutions throughout the United States and abroad. Applicants with substantial hospitality and tourism business background are strongly preferred. Incoming students are expected to have both good written and oral communication skills, as well as good analytical skills to facilitate the mastery of research methods and statistics. The course of study requires a battery of hospitality and tourism management courses as well as a group of research design and statistics courses. Students are also expected to take courses from supporting fields of inquiry such as psychology, sociology, management, marketing, etc. The degree normally takes four years to complete and involves taking courses, developing an area (2nd-year) paper, passing a comprehensive exam, and the completion of a doctoral dissertation.

Admission Requirements:

A minimum admissions index score of 1250 is required to be considered for admission. The index is based on the formula GPA x 200 + GMAT (and a TOEFL of 580 for ESL students). There is not a minimum GMAT score requirement. However, successful candidates typically exceed 650.

We prefer the GMAT, but we do accept the GRE test as a substitute. In either case, the exam must have been taken within 5 years of the time of application to WSU. A GMAT conversion will be applied to the GRE score submitted by applicants who take the GRE in lieu of the GMAT. The Educational Testing Service (ETS) provides a conversion chart. The converted GRE score will then be applied to the Carson College of Business admissions index score in the same manner as a standard GMAT score.

GMAT score report code 09D-TL-81 Pearson Test of English score report code: 8Z2-GT-38

Student Opportunities:

Conference funding is generally available for students presenting a paper if the budget allows for it.

Career Opportunities:

  • University Professor
  • Industry Consultant

Career Placements:

  • California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
  • University of Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Temple University
  • Humboldt State University
  • Auburn University
  • North Dakota State University
  • Colorado Mesa University


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