2023 WSU Graduate Student Survey

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to share the executive summary of the 2023 WSU Graduate Student Survey, conducted by Scott Avery, Director of Data Management and Graduate Assessment. This summary offers a concise overview of the feedback collected from our graduate students in Spring 2023, covering a range of topics from academic experiences to career planning with links to both public-facing and program-specific dashboards.

The public dashboard summarizes the WSU System, whereas the program dashboard allows filtering at the graduate program level. Program directors and coordinators may request the password from Scott at scottavery@wsu.edu. Both dashboards are linked on the Graduate School website and allow for a detailed analysis of the survey data by filtering on various demographic and academic criteria. This flexibility offers a customizable look at the information.

With a response rate of 33%, the survey provides a solid foundation for understanding the needs and experiences of our graduate student population. It highlights the areas where students are satisfied, such as the quality of academics and campus resources, and indicates areas for improvement, particularly financial and housing security.

We encourage you to review the report and use the dashboards to understand the experiences of our graduate students better. The insights from this survey are intended to guide decision-making and enhance the graduate education experience at WSU.

Best Regards,

Tammy D. Barry
Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Education