Master of Science in Apparel, Merchandising, and Textiles

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Faculty working with Students:
Students receiving assistantships or scholarships:
Priority deadline:

  • Fall January 10
  • Spring July 1


  • Pullman: Yes

Tests required:

  • 550 TOEFL Minimum score
  • 80 TOEFLI Minimum score
  • 7 IELTS Minimum score
  • 105 Duolingo Minimum score

Degree Description:

Washington State University offers a dynamic Master of Science Program in Apparel, Merchandising, and Textiles. Opportunities available with the AMDT master’s program include individualized, in-depth programs of study; nationally and internationally recognized faculty; faculty research grants to support students; publications in refereed research journals; designs and creative work in juried exhibits; competitive assistantships; and graduate internships. The master’s program provides students with opportunities to pursue research through the completion of a thesis or project. Research areas for a thesis or project include Apparel Product Development; Textile Product Development, Consumer Studies; Creative Scholarship and Design; International Trade, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, and Electronic Commerce.

Admission Requirements:

Submit the following to the Graduate School:
1. A personal statement addressing the applicant’s interest
in pursuing a master of science, anticipated career path, and specific areas of research interest;
2. Three letters of recommendation written;
by college level professors or professional references that address the applicant’s ability; for intellectual engagement, creative thinking, attitude, and motivation;
3. One written essay that demonstrates writing capabilities and creativity;
4. Resume;
5. Official transcripts;

6. Portfolio for design emphasis may be required upon request.



Student Learning Outcomes:

All graduates will be able to:

  1.  Assimilate, integrate, and evaluate scholarship in our multi-disciplinary field.
  2.  Understand basic research design, and varied research methods.
  3.  Develop expertise and conduct and publish research in one or more specific areas of the discipline.
  4.  Describe the impact of current trends and forecasting in our field.
  5.  To expand creative thinking skills.
  6.  Make strategic and ethical decisions and develop effective solutions for organizations.

Career Opportunities:

Graduates compete in a dynamic and expanding marketplace. The state of Washington is ranked fourth in the nation in apparel and textile industry productivity, which creates considerable opportunity for industry-related scholarship and career development (Enterprise Seattle). The AMDT masters program helps students become competitive when entering the apparel and textile industry and for those students interested in continuing on to a doctoral program a strong research foundation is created.
Graduates of the Department of Apparel, Merchandising, Design and Textiles have many career opportunities including:

  • University Faculty
  • Fashion Design,
  • Technical Design
  • Retail Management
  • Retail Buying
  • Ph.D. Studies
  • Marketing
  • Merchandising
  • Product Development
  • Textile Researcher
  • Entrepreneur 

Faculty Members:

Chen, Yini, Ph.D.

Location: JSNH Annex C15

Serves as: chair, co-chair, or member of graduate committee

Research Interests

Omni-channel retailing, lifestyle retailing, smart retailing, social media marketing, consumer behavior, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, supply chain management, organizational leadership.

Chi, Ting, Ph.D.

Serves as: chair, co-chair, or member of graduate committee

Research Interests

Sustainability and Sustainable Development, Firm Strategic and Supply Chain Management, Corporate Social Responsibility and Consumer Environmentalism, International Trade and Global Sourcing, Multi-Channel Retailing and Electronic Commerce, and Statistic Modeling and Analysis.

Ghalachyan, Armine, Ph.D.

Serves as: chair, co-chair, or member of graduate committee

Research Interests

Sustainable Materials and Apparel, Apparel product development, Functional Apparel Design: Design for Human Well-being, Enhancement and Empowerment.

Liu, Hang, Ph.D.

Serves as: chair, co-chair, or member of graduate committee

Research Interests

Nanofiber production and application in biomaterials, protective garments, and smart textiles
Development of biodegradable textile products made of bio-based fibers, applications, and degradation profile
Testing and Structure-Property analysis of textile products

Lou, Xingqiu, Ph.D.

Serves as: co-chair or member of graduate committee

Research Interests

New product development, emerging textiles and apparel technologies, mass customization, sustainability, statistical analysis, product lifecycle management.

Son, Jihyeong, Ph.D.

Serves as: chair, co-chair, or member of graduate committee

Research Interests

Consumer Behavior, Consumer Social Interaction, Social Media Marketing, Omni-Channel Retailing, Retail Branding, Small Business, Visual Culture and Media.

Contact Information:

Ting Chi, Ph.D.
Johnson Hall Annex C23
Pullman, WA