Graduate Certificate in Constraints Management

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  • Fall July 15
  • Spring November 15
  • Summer March 15


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Degree Description:

The Theory of Constraints (TOC) certificate focuses on the management of the limiting factors of any system. By providing specific methods of managing variability, TOC creates exceptional performance very quickly and then encourages a process on an on-going improvement through the focused use of LEAN and Six Sigma tools. The TOC methods apply to every level of the organization and at every level of maturity. As a result, using TOC over time results in a stable and ever-improving organization. This certificate teaches the TOC proven solutions and the TOC thinking process for new solutions. It includes managing people, processes, projects, finances, and strategy for a company.

Admission Requirements:

Applicants will provide a resume showing significant engineering, industrial or technological experience and a  well-written statement outlining their career goals and how this certificate will help attain those goals. Entrance exams are not required except for the TOEFL.

Student Learning Outcomes:

All graduates will be able to:

  1. Implement the TOC solutions, which are highly effective, and organize and lead successful project teams.
  2. Be an effective ‘change agent’ who can lead rapid improvement efforts and stabilize organizations. This talent applies with internal and external consulting, as well as management positions.
  3. Take the TOC certification exams in supply chain logistics, project management, TOC thinking process, and business strategy given by the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization.

Student Opportunities:

There is a growing demand for Critical Chain Project Managers as well as TOC experts in Production and Distribution. Students with this certificate became technical fellows at Boeing, Senior Managers at many companies, CEO of technical companies, Program Leads, Research Directors and independent consultants. Students taking this certificate in the past included medical doctors, judges, cost analyst, rocket scientist, cabinet makers, Professors and consultants

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