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Graduate Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language

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Degree Description:

This certificate provides students with a strong understanding of the forms and functions of English, of current theories of second language acquisition, and experience developing and implementing appropriate pedagogical practices for adult learners of English. Students who have completed the certificate will be prepared to teach ESL composition and literature courses, and to improve learning opportunities for second language users in classes of predominantly native-English speaking students. The certificate will also prepare students who wish to teach English overseas secure jobs and provide them with credible documentation of their training.

Admission Requirements:

As the core courses on which this certificate is built do not have prerequisites, the certificate will be open to students in any WSU graduate program. Students not in degree programs may also earn the certificate by enrolling as non-degree students. Students are required to maintain the minimum GPA requirement of at least 3.0 while enrolled in the certificate program. To qualify for the graduate certificate a prospective student must have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited post-secondary institution.

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Nancy Bell