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Graduate Certificate in Educational Research Methods

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Degree Description:

There’s a growing need among social science professionals to have sufficient methodological skills to produce, analyze, synthesize, report, and consume information so that decisions can be made using an evidence-based approach.That’s why this certificate was created.In addition, considering the complex nature of contemporary societal problems, the certificate seeks to fill a broader need in our university to train and support graduate students to use different methods to approach complex problems. The certificate will provide the relevant coursework, as well as application of that coursework, through the completion of 15 credit hours, including an applied project through an internship. The certificate consists of some courses that most graduate students in the College of Education typically enroll in to meet their master’s or doctoral degree requirements. Hence, we hope graduate students see the value in completing few a more credits in methodology to obtain the certificate.

Admission Requirements:

The certificate is open to students in any WSU graduate program. Students not in degree programs may also earn the certificate by enrolling as non-degree graduate student. Students are required to maintain the minimum GPA requirement of at least 3.0 while enrolled in the certificate program. To qualify for the graduate certificate a prospective student must have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited postsecondary institution and meet all prerequisite requirements or demonstrate equivalent knowledge before enrolling in any courses which require this information.

Faculty Members:

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Brian French
Olusola Adesope