Doctor of Philosophy in History

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  • Fall January 10


  • Pullman

International Student English Proficiency Exams

  • 550 TOEFL Minimum score

Degree Description:

The Department of History offers programs of study for full-time and part-time students leading to a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree. Students entering the PhD program in History are expected to have completed a Masters degree in History or in a related field of study at an accredited college or university, and to show promise of doing excellent work at the doctoral level. All doctoral candidates conduct independent research leading to a written dissertation, with the objective of making a major contribution to the body of academic knowledge in History. Research will be focused on a specific Primary Field, which is embedded in a broader General Field that gives a geographical, chronological, and historiographical framework for the research. The program will culminate with a final oral examination. Financial aid in the form of a teaching assistantship is available for dedicated, quality full-time PhD students.

Admission Requirements:

Must complete a Language Background Form (competency in a foreign language desired, but not required). Also must complete a Preferred Fields of Study Form (both Language and PFS forms are available for download on the History Dept website)

Student Learning Outcomes:

All graduates will be able to:

  1.  Student’s mastery of the main methodologies and historical arguments in the primary fields of study.
  2.  Student’s familiarity with the major trends in historiography and the methodological innovations associated with changes in historiographical theory.
  3.  Student’s ability to apply appropriate theories and methods to the major field through independent research projects.
  4.  Student’s demonstrated mastery of historical exposition.
  5.  Student’s skills associated with the presentation of historical research within the professional apparatus of the discipline, and communication skills for diverse professional purposes.
  6.  Student’s success in the production of a successful and nationally commensurate master’s thesis or dissertation by defining a viable research project and conducting research according to  nationally recognized professional standards.
  7.  Student’s skills associated with the teaching of history at the college level.

Student Opportunities:

The Department of History has a committee dedicated to Graduate Professional Development. History graduate students also organize a weekly colloquium in addition to weekly meetings of the History Graduate Students Association (HGSA). The HIST 595 course gives students knowledge and practice for teaching in higher education.

Career Opportunities:

Students receiving a Doctor of Philosophy in History can go on to be professional teachers and researchers at all types of schools and universities, they can work in museums and curation, and serve as historians at both private and governmental organizations providing research and cultural resource management expertise.

Career Placements:

Tenured faculty at public and private colleges and universities; high school teachers; librarians; independent researchers; historians for various federal and state agencies; writers; and leaders in public and private historical organizations.

Contact Information:

Claudia Mickas
Graduate and Recruitment Coordinator