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Learning to Liberate, Liberated Learning

Fisher Qua speaks at the Liberating Structures immersive workshop in 2017

In this three day workshop, both novice and experienced practitioners will develop confidence and skillfulness designing and applying Liberating Structures across a range of common situations while simultaneously encouraging even more imaginative or unusual use of the repertoire to generate better-than-expected results.

Together, we will explore how Liberating Structures make it possible to…

  • Unflatten the classroom by redesigning how many learning interactions are organized
  • Include, engage & unleash a wider dynamic range of voices during meetings and other gatherings
  • Realize more of the benefits of interdisciplinary research projects or groups by shifting conventional patterns of relating, coordinating, and deciding
  • Develop yourself professionally even as you move forward towards discovering what your ambitions really are
  • More widely distribute the freedom and responsibility for learning to more people
  • Reliably tap into the creative, generative intelligence of the group


  • Students- Undergraduate and graduate
  • Faculty
  • University staff & administrators
  • Pullman/Moscow community members

Liberating Structures introduce tiny shifts in the protocols of how we meet, plan, decide and relate to each other. They put the innovative and facilitative power once reserved for experts only in the hands of everyone. 

Fisher Qua has a small consulting practice based in Seattle, WA (Back Loop Consulting) where they apply Liberating Structures to a wide variety of situations with a perfectly diverse mix of clients & partners – growing experience working with technical research & engineering teams. He has a BA from Bates College, MA (almost) from U of Michigan (Higher Education Administration), MEd from U of Washington (Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership). His past experiences in non-profit healthcare working with college students across WA state; taught 5-week class at Bates College (Spring 2016) on using Liberating Structures to make progress on developing and spreading positive peer-to-peer health practices.