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Graduate and Professional Writing Center

The Graduate and Professional Writing Center (GPWC) is a free service available to WSU graduate and professional students. Operating out of CUE 414, the GPWC offers a number of different writing services. Whether you need to bring in a polished draft of a dissertation or a brand new cover letter for a job application, the GPWC is available to help.

The mission of the GPWC is to assist graduate and professional students from all disciplines with all types of written communications from papers to publications that must be written as researchers, to syllabi and assignments students must prepare as teachers. As a service center, the ultimate goal of the GPWC is to empower students to take control of their own writing.

Our services:

Face-to-Face Appointments: these appointments, scheduled online, allow a student to sit down with a GPWC facilitator for one-to-one discussion around a piece of writing. As this service is scheduled in advance, the facilitator will already have read the piece of writing and the entire hour can be spent making improvements.

Open Hours: throughout the semester the GPWC offers open hours where students can show up without making an appointment. This service will offer immediate feedback and suggestions on improving flow, organization, clarity, and coherence of a piece of writing.

Drop-In Workshop: this service aims to help writers before they have even started writing. By discussing concept mapping, outlining, and prewriting strategies, the interaction between the student and the facilitator is meant to ease the overall writing process before it begins in earnest.

PDI Events: the GPWC is also an active member in the GPSA Professional Development Initiative. The GPWC has partnered with WSU Libraries to create a year-long Writing Seminar Series.

As a service center, the GPWC cannot simply proofread or copy-edit documents. Instead, the GPWC, as an organization that is not tied to one particular field, works to provide strategies for improving as writers, not just for improving one piece of writing.

For more information visit our website or email us