Graduate and Professional Writing Center

The Graduate Writing Center (GWC) is a free service available to WSU graduate and professional students based in CUE 402G on the Pullman campus and online.

Writing consultants in the GWC assist graduate and professional students from all disciplines with all types of written communications—from research articles and dissertation chapters to teaching philosophies, job applications, and grant proposals. GWC consultants do not simply proofread or copy-edit documents. Instead, the GWC works to provide strategies for students to improve as writers, scholars, and emerging professionals. The GWC strives to make graduate and professional students empowered to develop and manage their writing habits and goals.

Our services:

  • Face-to-Face Appointments (in person and online): Appointments allow students to meet and talk with a GWC consultant for one-to-one discussion around a piece of writing up to 15 pages. Appointments are scheduled in advance, so the consultant may read the piece of writing before the appointment and can focus the conversation on specific needs and revisions.
  • Drop In (in person): Throughout the semester, the GWC offers open hours during which students can show up in CUE 402G without making an appointment. This service offers immediate feedback and suggestions on strengthening flow, organization, clarity, and coherence of a piece of writing up to 15 pages.
  • Workshops (in person and online): Workshops may cover pre-writing activities, including concept mapping and outlining, or strategies and writing time for abstracts, literature reviews, or other specific graduate writing tasks. These sessions encourage interaction among students and between students and facilitator as well as generation and discussion of new writing or practices. GWC workshops are on hold in 2022. Please attend the PDI Writing Workshop Series events and check out the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) services.


For more information, please visit the GWC website or email us.