Graduate Student Research

The Graduate School advocates for high ethical standards in research and academic integrity among graduate students. We seek to:

  • Establish an environment that promotes the ethical and responsible conduct of research in all disciplines.
  • Establish policies, procedures, services, and other resources to help guide graduate students in their research efforts.

Research Policies

The Graduate School’s Policies and Procedures Chapter 11 provides an overview of special issues concerning research, along with pertinent policies and procedures and links to important resources for graduate students. Areas covered include research conduct, student grants, patents and copyrights, animal subjects and approval, research involving human subjects, and research using biohazards and/or hazardous chemicals. The Research Data Policy section in Chapter 12 of the Policies and Procedures focuses on student rights and responsibilities as they relate to University research data policies, including data ownership, collection, storage, and protection.

Research practices working with subjects and hazardous substances:

Animals (IACUC)

  • All students, staff, faculty, and administrators are requested to fully participate in the new IACUC initiative to improve reporting and communication regarding adverse or unanticipated events with research or teaching animals. A new form is available for this purpose. The form, titled ‘Reporting adverse/ unanticipated events’ can be downloaded from Please send your completed form to or call 509-335-7951 if you have further questions.
  • There has been a name change for IACUC mandatory trainings. Animal Awareness Seminar (AAS) and Animal Contact Program (ACP) has been renamed as Principles of Animal Care (PAC) and Occupational Health Training- Animals (OHT-A) respectively.
  • Another change introduced by the IACUC concerns the refresher training. Beginning September 1, 2016, all personnel who have previously completed PAC will participate in PAC refresher course. The refresher training must be completed once every 3-years or as required. OHT-A is also required to be completed once every 3-years or as required. New personnel will proceed with the regular training of PAC.

Questions? Please call 509-335-7951

Human Subjects
Biological Agents (IBC)
Radioactive materials (RSC)
Hazardous Materials (EH&S)

Ethical Policies:

Copyright Policies
Integrity in the Classroom

From Research to the Marketplace:

Transitioning from Research to Intellectual Property

Chemical Engineering student Breanna Wong working in the lab for a Annual Giving letter

Required Responsible Research Training

The WSU Graduate School requires all graduate students to complete the Responsible Conduct of Research online training, which takes approximately 2 hours to complete. Students awarded an assistantship must take the training before their appointment paperwork can be processed. International Students awarded an assistantship will have a grace period of one semester to complete the training.

Complete the online training now

  • Graduate students appointed Fall Semester will need to complete their training by September 30th
  • Graduate students appointed Spring Semester will need to complete their training by January 31st
  • Graduate students appointed Summer Semester will need to complete their training by June 30th


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