Prospective Students

Why WSU for grad school?

Graduate school is a smart choice.

  • Research: At WSU, graduate students collaborate with world-renowned faculty on research projects that help solve the world’s most critical problems. You can make a positive and lasting impact on the world.
  • Earnings Potential: Your chance for financial success grows exponentially with a graduate degree.
  • Job Security: Washington state has a shortage of people holding graduate degrees. Your chances of building a satisfying career are significantly improved with an advanced degree.

Financial assistance is available.

Don’t let financial worry stop you from applying to graduate school. There are many resources available for graduate students. Check out these links!

Systemwide resources for you.

WSU is committed to providing a high-quality graduate education in a family-friendly environment. Discover some of the resources and benefits of attending graduate school in a quiet, safe community at any of our campuses.

Over 140 degree programs.

Begin planning for graduate school early in your undergraduate career. Explore the specifics of courses that interest you, or check out all of WSU’s graduate degrees, professional degrees, and graduate certificates. Request information about any of our programs, and find out early what requirements you will need to fulfill.

Prepare for graduate school.

There are several things you can do as an undergraduate student to prepare for graduate school.

You can’t go wrong with more education.

Learn the WSU Fight Song!

People and Pet Friendly.

Pet owners will enjoy the wide open spaces where your dog can run, and there are dog-friendly restaurants in Pullman, surrounding cities, and on other campuses. Also, enjoy many adventures on the Palouse if you attend WSU Pullman.