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Washington State University Graduate School

McNair Scholars Directory

The McNair Scholars Directory is designed to provide graduate schools with access to McNair Scholars who have expressed an interest in pursuing graduate studies and contains records of recent graduates, seniors, and rising seniors. The Directory includes McNair Scholars’ names, contact information, undergraduate majors, areas of interest for graduate study (AIGS, based on GRE taxonomy codes), and undergraduate research projects. As a graduate school administrator, you are authorized to use this searchable spreadsheet for recruitment purposes. The searchable spreadsheet will enable you to determine which students would best fit your programs and will allow you to contact them directly. On the website, you will also find a downloadable instruction sheet on how to use the spreadsheet, as well as a guide to the GRE taxonomy codes.

The Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program is the single largest federal effort aimed at preparing low-income, first-generation in college and minority students to pursue graduate studies. The McNair Program is funded through the U.S. Department of Education’s TRIO programs and provides participants with research internships, faculty mentors, opportunities to present and publish results of their research, undergraduate teaching experience, and assistance with applying to and preparing for graduate school.

This Directory is sponsored by the COE-CGS Joint McNair Committee. We encourage graduate schools to utilize this valuable resource to recruit graduate students from among the highly talented pool of McNair Scholars and to provide them with the appropriate financial support to successfully complete their graduate programs.

The McNair Contact for WSU is Raymond Herrera, Assistant Dean of the Graduate School.

Access the 2018-19 McNair Scholars Directory Now

Note:  In order to protect against unauthorized use and access to student information, The Excel spreadsheet is  password protected. To receive the spreadsheet password via email, email or Please do not share the password, since McNair Scholars have given us permission to share their information solely for the purpose of graduate school recruitment. Any other use of the Directory is forbidden.

As stated above, the program of interest columns are sorted by the GRE taxonomy codes. To view the GRE taxonomy code for your program, view this PDF.