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Washington State University Factsheets

Graduate Certificate in Public Health

Faculty working with Students: 22
Students: 0
Students receiving assistantships or scholarships: 0.00%
Priority deadline:
  • Fall April 15
  • Spring November 1
  • Spokane: Yes
  • Tri-Cities: Yes
  • Vancouver: Yes
Tests required:
  • 550 TOEFL Minimum score
  • 80 TOEFLI Minimum score
  • 7 IELTS Minimum score

Degree Description:

The Graduate Certificate in Public Health, administered by the College of Nursing, provides advanced education in skills and topics relevant to the growing field of public health. Trained public health professionals, including nurses, are needed to serve diverse populations in our state and region, particularly in rural and resource poor areas. The Certificate in Public Health addresses this growing demand and will provide a timely response to the emerging societal need for specialized, interprofessional education in public health. There is also a critical need for continuing education in public health for health professionals (1-3). The College of Nursing is in a unique position to offer the Graduate Certificate in Public Health and address these important needs using existing and developing coursework from the College of Nursing.

The Certificate in Public Health is designed to prepare students and practitioners to practice in and lead population based health care in the U.S. and internationally. The certificate will use distance delivery and a flexible curriculum to meet the needs of interdisciplinary and interprofessional students, and it will include coursework that can be applied to future graduate studies at WSU. The certificate will prepare graduates to:

  • Understand the core functions and essential services of public health
  • Apply public health concepts, tools, and methods to address public health challenges.

Admission Requirements:

– a bachelor’s degree
– admitted to the MN program, any WSU graduate health program, or for graduate certificate
– a minimum 3.00 grade point average in undergraduate work (exceptions may be made based on substantial evidence of extra-scholastic qualifications)
– successful completion of a basic statistics course
– favorable recommendations regarding practice and potential for graduate work in nursing
– RN license to practice nursing in Washington state or state of residency (for nursing students)
– written goal statement congruent with program’s philosophy and focus
– complete a written interview

Career Opportunities:

Public health, community health, school nursing, public/private health sectors

Faculty Members:

Burduli, Ekaterina

Location: Spokane

Caley, Joan M, M.S.

Research Interests

LTC Leadership, Nursing Leadership,
Community Health/Vulnearble, Populations, esp. Homeless & Health Equity Issues

Chacon, Christina

Davis, Andra, Ph.D.

Research Interests

Interprofessional education

Dotson, Joann, Ph.D.

Eddy, Linda Lee, Ph.D.

Eide, Phyllis, Ph.D.

Research Interests

Rural health, global climate change, and public health

Graves, Janessa, Ph.D.

Location: Spokane

Research Interests

Pediatric injury research, health services research, head injuries in children & adolescents, occupational injuries among working adolescents, impacts of work on young people, global health.

Hoeksel, Renee Celeste, Ph.D.

Kaplan, Louise, Ph.D.

Research Interests

ARNP prescribing of controlled substances
APRN workforce
ARNP reimbursement
DNP program evaluation
Landscape assessment of readiness for implementation of the family nurse practitioner role in Swaziland
Medical marijuana

Katz, Janet Ruth, Ph.D.

Nguyen-Truong, Connie, Ph.D.

Research Interests

Cervical cancer screening health disparity

Oneal, Gail Ann, Ph.D.

Location: Spokane

Research Interests

Health literacy, risk communication and health information use, risk messages, environmental and occupational health, population health, underserved and rural populations

Postma, Julie Marie, Ph.D.

Location: Puyallup Research and Extension Center

Research Interests

Environmental health promotion, socio-cultural aspects of environmental health, environmental justice, social determinants of health

Sarkinen, Bonnie

Shishani, Kawkab, Ph.D.

Research Interests

Tobacco Treatment Specialist

Smart, Denise, D.P.H.

Location: Spokane

Research Interests

Work place safety, military health, women’s health and health and safety for disaster response workers.

Stover, Pamela, DNP

Research Interests

Geriatric mental health; vulnerable populations and mental health; therapeutic communication; dementia care; integrated mental health care

VanSon, Catherine, Ph.D.

Research Interests

Gerontology, managing chronic conditions, qualitative methods, late-in-life migration, health literacy, gero-education

Wilson, Marian L, Ph.D.

Research Interests

Pain, self-management programs to assist patients with persistent (chronic) pain, mood disorders, opioid dependency/misuse, addiction.

Wood, Natsuko

Location: Spokane

Contact Information:

Denise Smart
WSU Health Sciences Spokane, College of Nursing
SNRS 135, 412 E. Spokane Falls Blvd.
Spokane, WA 99202
Janessa Graves
WSU Health Sciences Spokane, College of Nursing
SNRS 314C, 412 E Spokane Falls Blvd
Spokane, WA 99202
Tamara Kelley
WSU Health Sciences Spokane, College of Nursing
SNRS 133, 412 Spokane Falls Blvd
Spokane, WA 99202