Washington State University

Graduate School

5. Enrollment of Non-degree Seeking Students

Non-degree-seeking students who are absent for one semester or up to four consecutive semesters (excluding the summer) must complete the Reenrollment form.  Reenrollment requires a nonrefundable processing fee.  Students absent for three or four consecutive semesters (excluding the summer) must obtain departmental approval to re-enroll. The Reenrollment form must be completed and the nonrefundable fee must be paid before the student can register for classes.  A non-degree seeking student who is absent for five consecutive semesters (excluding the summer) is required to reapply and pay a nonrefundable application fee to the Graduate School if he/she wishes to be considered for readmission to a program. Readmission is not guaranteed.  Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for Graduate Leave.

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