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Washington State University Graduate School

Navigating your degree

Graduating This Semester?

Follow these step-by-step instructions

Doctoral Degree

Get information about establishing residency, selecting a dissertation committee, filing a doctoral Program of Study, and submitting your dissertation HERE. Find out about the Deadlines and Procedures for Doctoral Degrees.

Master’s Degree

Get information for all four semesters–from how to select an advisor, to establishing ties in Washington, what you need to file a Program of Study, as well as ordering cap and gown. Find out about the Deadlines and Procedures for Master’s Degrees.

Graduate Certificate

Find out about the procedures and deadlines for graduate certificates HERE.

Deadlines and Procedures

Find out more about Graduate School deadlines and procedures in this video. For questions, contact

Graduate School Leave Policies

To learn more detailed information, view the Policies and Procedures Manual, Chapter Five.