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Washington State University Graduate School

Population Health, DNP

Student Learning Outcomes


All graduates will be able to:

    1.  Develop, evaluate, and apply scientific theories of health, illness, and human behavior to strategies and interventions.
    2.  Lead in the vision, development, implementation, and evaluation of care delivery approaches that ensure ethical stewardship, accountability, quality, and patient safety.
    3.  Translate evidence-based research into practice.
    4.  Integrate, evaluate, and apply new knowledge and technology in advanced practice, administration, and education.
    5.  Serve as a leader in the development, implementation, and evaluation of healthcare policy to advance the nursing profession and to advocate for social justice, equity, and ethical  policies in all aspects of healthcare.
    6.  Provide leadership in collaborative efforts among health professionals and with clients and community partners.
    7.  Analyze and translate scientific information related to the health of diverse populations to reduce health disparities in urban, rural, and global settings and to transform care delivery  systems to prevent illness and optimize health.
    8.  Apply advanced clinical judgment and accountability in the design, delivery, and evaluation of evidence-based care to individuals, families, and populations.
    9.  Demonstrate mastery of professional competencies leading to certification within a practice specialty.


Degree Fact Sheet