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Washington State University Graduate School

Pharmaceutical Sciences, Ph.D.

Student Learning Outcomes


All graduates will be able to:

  1.  Achieve mastery of knowledge in the general field of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  2.  Develop the expertise to use appropriate methodologies to solve novel and emerging problems related to Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  3.  Disseminate research findings to local, regional, national, and international audiences primarily through publication in peer-­‐reviewed journals and presentations at conferences.
  4.  Participate in professional organizations, including becoming members, attending meetings, and taking leadership roles where appropriate.
  5.  Participate in teaching, internships, fellowships, workshops, credentialing and grant applications to enhance competitiveness for career opportunities as appropriate.
  6.  Train students in critical, integrative, and evaluative thinking at the highest levels of rigor.
  7.  Develop advanced written and oral communication skills.
  8.  Become independent, self-­‐motivated researchers with the ability to identify specific problems in their field of expertise and to formulate solutions to these problems.
  9.  Develop a comprehensive knowledge of previous and current research in their field of expertise and be able to demonstrate that knowledge capability in a review of the literature at a level  that is potentially publishable.
  10.  Generate innovative questions within their field of expertise and pose hypotheses related to those questions
  11.  Apply sound methodological approaches to test hypotheses related to specific research questions and describe the methods effectively.
  12.  Perform statistical analyses of research data and present the results in a way that clearly describes the data.



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