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Washington State University Graduate School

Landscape Architecture, M.S.

Student Learning Outcomes


All graduates will be able to:

    1.  To prepare students to enter the professions of landscape architecture, landscape planning, and related fields the program provides students with:
        1.  Advanced knowledge and skills necessary to function, with experience, as a creative and professional practitioner, writer, educator, or investigator of landscape  architecture.
        2.  The intellectual means of identifying and assessing the interactions among the social, political, environmental, and aesthetic issues associated with cultural-land  interactions.
        3.  The skills and intellectual means of contributing new knowledge and creativity to the profession of landscape architecture in the service of both public and private  clients and client groups.
    2.  To prepare students to be effective researchers in landscape architecture, landscape planning, and related fields.
        1.  An ability to design, conduct, analyze, and communicate a research plan and results.
        2.  Heightened critical thinking skills and the ability to question or re-evaluate current thinking and standards related to landscape architectural and planning issues.
        3.  Skills necessary to identify, locate, and apply knowledge researched from allied fields of study.
        4.  Opportunities to develop and express an independent theory of design and problem solving through verbal debates, technical writing, and artistic expression.
    3.  To prepare students to identify and interpret into research and design practices emerging global trends.
        1.  An ability to identify those dominate global trends that will most influence quality of life at personal, local, and regional levels of landscape architectural design and  land planning.
        2.  An ability to interpret the impacts associated with the identified global trends into best practices that result in landscape plans and designs aimed at sustaining a  quality of life and wellbeing.


Degree Fact Sheet