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Washington State University Graduate School

Geology, M.S.

Student Learning Outcomes


All graduates will be able to:

    1.  To prepare students for professional careers:
        1.  Attain knowledge and expertise in core disciplinary areas.
        2.  Think critically and develop creative solutions to scientific problems.
        3.  Effectively communicate the results of their research.
        4.  Become visible members of the scientific community taking organizational and service roles.
    2.  To enable students to become effective researchers and teachers:
        1.  Recognize important scientific problems and contribute to solving them.
        2.  Master the field, laboratory, data analysis and theoretical skills necessary to perform the research.
        3.  Write research grant proposals or otherwise obtain research funding (expectation is higher for PhD students).
        4.  Become effective teachers in field, laboratory and lecture-room settings.
    3.  To provide scientific leadership and expertise at the local, state and national levels:
        1.  Attract and retain world-class faculty in appropriate disciplinary areas.
        2.  Assist students to engage in outreach activities.
        3.  Prepare students to successfully compete for jobs in industry, academia, and government.


Degree Fact Sheet