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Washington State University Graduate School

Environmental Engineering, M.S.

Student Learning Outcomes


All graduates will be able to:

    1.  Demonstrate the knowledge and skills that are necessary to achieve success as practitioners, teachers, or researchers in civil and environmental engineering:
        1.  Thorough foundation and advanced knowledge in field, apply knowledge to solve problems, teach in a variety of setting, employment in industry, professional  participation and leadership.
    2.  Become effective researchers in civil or environmental engineering:
        1.  Original contribution to selected technical areas in CE and EnvEng.
        2.  Able to secure funds and manage resources to conduct research.
        3.  Apply sound research methods, draw well-supported conclusions, and effectively communicate findings.
    3.  Have records of achievements that enhance the reputation and visibility of the graduate program in civil engineering at WSU:
        1.  Hold responsible positions in academia, national laboratories, or industry, professional participation, recognition and awards.


Degree Fact Sheet