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Washington State University Graduate School

Civil Engineering, M.S.

Student Learning Outcomes


All graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills that are necessary to achieve success as a practicing engineer.
    1. A thorough foundation and advanced knowledge in fields of civil or environmental engineering.
    2. The ability to apply their knowledge to solve novel and emerging problems in civil or environmental engineering.
    3. The ability to present their knowledge through publications and oral presentations.
    4. Employment in industry, consulting firms or government agency.
    5. Leadership in professional practice and service.
  2.  Become effective researchers in civil or environmental engineering.
    1. Knowledge of current state of research in selected technical areas of civil or environmental engineering.
    2. Define a research problem, apply sound research methods, draw well-supported conclusions, and effectively communicate findings to problems in an area of study.
    3. Employment in industry, government agencies, or acceptance into PhD or other advanced degree program.
  3. Engage in activities of life-long learning.
    1. Engagement in continuing education and professional development.
    2. Participation in professional organizations.
    3. Obtained advanced degree.

Degree Fact Sheet