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Washington State University Graduate School

Chemical Engineering, M.S.

Student Learning Outcomes


All graduates will be able to:

    1.  To enable students to develop as successful professionals for highly competitive positions in industry, government, and academia:
        1.  To achieve mastery of the knowledge in their fields and the ability to apply associated technologies to novel and emerging problems.
        2.  To present research to local, regional, national, and international audiences through publications in professional journals and/or conference papers given in a range  of venues, from graduate seminars to professional meetings.
        3.  To participate in appropriate professional organizations.
        4.  To broaden their professional foundations through activities such as: teaching, internships, fellowships, laboratory rotations and grant applications.
    2.  To prepare students to be effective researchers in the fields of chemical engineering or bioengineering:
        1.  To prepare students to be effective chemical engineering researchers.
    3.  To enhance the national visibility of the doctoral programs in chemical engineering and bioengineering:
        1.  To attract, retain and graduate high-quality students.
        2.  To enhance doctoral education by offering advanced courses, providing support such as fellowships, research funds, and travel to conferences.
        3.  To attract, retain, and advance research-active faculty.
        4.  To provide regional, national, and international opportunities for collaboration.


Degree Fact Sheet