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Washington State University Graduate School

Engineering and Technology Management, METM

Student Learning Outcomes


All graduates will be able to:

    1.  Provide graduates with current management knowledge and tools for:
        1.  Communicating with logical, clear, and organized thinking.
        2.  Behaving ethically and professionally in fulfillment of their responsibilities.
        3.  Recognizing the need for, and demonstrating a desire for continuous learning.
    2.  Provide graduates with the expertise and confidence to assume leadership positions in technical environments by successfully:
        1.  Managing and working in teams.
        2.  Demonstrating problem solving abilities and rational, effective decision making.
    3.  Increase the graduate’s value to an employer by:
        1.  Applying the ETM principles learned to real world situations.
        2.  Demonstrating the ability to understand, analyze, and improve company practices through the use of current technology, analysis, and design.


Degree Fact Sheet