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Washington State University Graduate School

History, M.A.

Student Learning Outcomes


All graduates will be able to:

    1.  Student’s mastery of the main methodologies and historical arguments in the primary fields of study.
    2.  Student’s familiarity with the major trends in historiography and the methodological innovations associated with changes in historiographical theory.
    3.  Student’s ability to apply appropriate theories and methods to the major field through independent research projects.
    4.  Student’s demonstrated mastery of historical exposition.
    5.  Student’s skills associated with the presentation of historical research within the professional apparatus of the discipline, and communication skills for diverse professional purposes.
    6.  Student’s success in the production of a successful and nationally commensurate master’s thesis or dissertation by defining a viable research project and conducting research  according to nationally recognized professional standards.
    7.  Student’s skills associated with the teaching of history at the college level.


Degree Fact Sheet