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Washington State University Graduate School

English, M.A.

Student Learning Outcomes


All graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a broad understanding of contemporary English Studies and its various sub-disciplines.
  2. Employ substantial knowledge of more specialized areas within English Studies in locating and synthesizing important scholarly sources, with the goal of producing essays and projects of publishable quality that persuasively defend original theses.
  3. Conduct original research in such sub-disciplines as literary studies, rhetorical theory, composition studies, digital technology, second-language learning, etc., under the supervision of faculty members expert in that discipline.
  4. Disseminate original research findings in appropriate academic settings, such as regional conferences, departmental colloquia, or at WSU’s annual “Academic Showcase.”
  5. As a vehicle for articulating new claims and presenting the results of original research and thinking, produce scholarly essays or create texts of other kinds, such as scholarly essays destined for peer-reviewed journals or edited collections, or of academic or creative texts in other appropriate venues.
  6. Teach courses in English Studies, including First-Year Composition and courses in literary or rhetorical study.


Degree Fact Sheet