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Washington State University Graduate School

Applied Economics, M.S.

Student Learning Outcomes


All graduates will be able to:

    1.  Graduates will understand economic theory and quantitative methods at an advanced level:
        1.  Advanced economic theory and quantitative methods will be well understood for applied economic analysis and empirical research in the field.
    2.  Graduates will be rigorously-trained in critical, integrative, and evaluative thinking:
        1.  Graduates will be able to rigorously apply economic theory, quantitative methods, and institutional knowledge relating to the economic problem context to conduct  relevant analysis that facilitates the ability of consumers, agricultural and nonagricultural firms, and/or policy makers to make economically rational decisions.
        2. Graduates will be capable of rigorous analysis and evaluation of broad economic and social problems concerning the allocation of individual, firm and social resources.
    3.  Graduates will have advanced communication skills:
        1.  Advanced written and oral communication skills are necessary for efficient and clear dissemination of the knowledge generated from rigorous economic analysis, as  well as for success in private and public sector careers in the various subfields of economics.
          Graduates will develop advanced communication skills through writing and presenting the content of class assignments and research papers written as  requirements in graduate courses, as well as in the writing and oral presentation of a Master’s project or thesis.


Degree Fact Sheet