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Washington State University Graduate School

American Studies, M.A.

Student Learning Outcomes


All graduates will be able to:

    1.  Graduates will have a broad critical knowledge of American cultural history
    2.  Graduates will demonstrate the capacity to write clear, publishable analytic prose
    3.  Graduates will be able to read and assess documentary evidence from a variety of written genres
    4.  Graduates will be able to compare and integrate knowledge from several disciplinary perspectives
    5.  Graduates will be able to think critically about the limits of disciplinary knowledge domains
    6.  Graduates will develop research skills, including handling of primary and secondary sources, library use and online scholarly search tools
    7.  Graduates will develop a sense of engaged, critical citizenship
    8.  Graduates will demonstrate professional competency in a discipline and in an interdisciplinary area of specialization
    9.  Graduates will demonstrate a high level of competency as a teacher of undergraduate students


Degree Fact Sheet