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Washington State University Graduate School

Architecture, M.Arch.

Student Learning Outcomes


All graduates will be able to:

    1.  To educate students with the skills and theoretical foundations that will prepare them for leadership and other productive positions in the profession of architecture. The following  educational experiences within the curriculum seek to achieve this goal.
        1.  To provide opportunities to interact with professionals as a required component in educational experience.
        2.  To provide students with a diversity of experiences in cultural and social conditions that inform the built environment.
        3.  To engage students in critical discourses in divergent professions and disciplines that have direct influences on the built environment.
        4.  To provide students with educational experiences that help to develop leadership skills.
        5.  To encourage students to become engaged in national discourses through membership in professional student organizations.
        6.  To instill in students the responsibility for teaching and instilling in others the value of architecture on the lives of people.
        7.  To ensure that the quality of student work achieves nationally-recognized standards.
    2.  To prepare students to challenge conventions through innovative thinking and technology based upon a curriculum requiring specific milestones.
        1.  Administer a rigorous graduate admission process that admits only those students who are likely to succeed academically and make other positive contributions to  the program.
        2.  Administer a selective series of benchmarks that students must meet in order to graduate from the program.
        3.  Require students to develop materials that illustrate the fundamentals of publication requirements.
        4.  Require students to demonstrate a clear and definitive methodology for presenting their research proposals and findings, specifically including the ability to develop  a clear thesis statement.
    3.  To build upon the western regional reputation of the program as a leader in architectural education through outreach and assessment from the profession.
        1.  Develop communication forums with practicing architects that facilitate feedback regarding capabilities of graduates.
        2.  Develop a comprehensive exit interview process for graduate students.
        3.  Maintain communication with other programs regarding policies and issues affecting architectural education.
        4.  Develop a forum where professionals and educators can discuss issues of shared concern.


Degree Fact Sheet