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Washington State University Graduate School

Masters in Teaching

Student Learning Outcomes


All graduates will be able to:

    1.  To prepare outstanding entry-level P-12 teachers with a focus on teacher research as a paradigm for practice.
        1.  Will use deep content and pedagogical knowledge to inform their teaching.
        2.  Develop relevant, rigorous, and developmentally appropriate curricula.
        3.  Modify curriculum and instruction based on the individual needs of their students.
        4.  Use assessment of their students’ learning and their own teaching to inform future planning and teaching.
        5.  Attend to the social and civic development of their students.
        6.  Work respectfully and collaboratively with colleagues and community to ensure quality instructional programs and stewardship of public schools.
    2.  To guide students in their development as practitioner-researchers in P-12 school settings.
        1.  Locate, analyze, and synthesize research literature, and apply that synthesis to problems of practice.
        2.  Effectively communicate scholarly work through written, oral, and/or alternate formats.
        3.  Skillfully inquire into areas of program-related interest.
        4.  Develop scholarly habits of curiosity, inquiry, skepticism, and data-based decision making.
    3.  To establish itself as a highly successful program that is recognized for the quality of its graduates and its national visibility.
        1.  Attracts, secures, and retains high quality students.
        2.  Graduates students who are satisfied with the professional preparation they have received.
        3.  Graduates students who attain teaching licenses and other appropriate credentialing.
        4.  Maintains an excellent on-time graduation record.
        5.  Is delivered by a high quality graduate faculty that actively contributes to the program and that participates in scholarship that adds to the knowledge base of  teacher and educator preparation.


Degree Fact Sheet