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Washington State University Graduate School

Cultural Studies and Social Thought in Education, Ph.D.

Student Learning Outcomes


All graduates will be able to:

  1.  Demonstrates the ability to locate, analyze, and synthesize research literature, and apply that synthesis to problems of practice.
  2.  Demonstrates the ability to effectively communicate scholarly work through written, oral, and/or alternate formats.
  3.  Demonstrates the ability to skillfully inquire into areas of program-related interest.
  4.  Demonstrates scholarly habits of curiosity, inquiry, skepticism, and data-based decision making.
  5.  Demonstrates an understanding and valuing of diversity and social justice through his/her scholarly work.
  6.  Conducts and disseminates original scholarship that demonstrates acquisition and application of new knowledge and theory.
  7.  Demonstrates behavior that indicates he/she is becoming an emerging expert in his/her area of study.



Degree Fact Sheet