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Washington State University Graduate School

Nursing, Ph.D.

Student Learning Outcomes


All graduates will be able to:

  1. Contribute to advancing nursing science and practice through clinical research.
  2. Analyze, construct, and test theoretical frameworks that guide nursing research design, methodology, data analyses, and the transfer of new knowledge into practice.
  3.  Create effective interdisciplinary collaborations to foster research and the transfer of evidence-based knowledge into best clinical practices.
  4.  Synthesize knowledge from a variety of disciplines to create research designs and methods for nursing science and to address ethical, social, cultural, political, and professional issues.
  5.  Implement proven and emerging technologies to enhance nursing research and education.
  6.  Implement innovative research designs, methodologies, leadership skills, health education, and/or lifestyle modification techniques to address the health care needs of vulnerable  populations and disparities in the access to or delivery of care.



Degree Fact Sheet