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Washington State University Graduate School

Individual Interdisciplinary, Ph.D.

Student Learning Outcomes


All graduates will be able to:

  1. To assist qualified students in designing and achieving the framework for a uniquely, individualized doctoral degree program, tailored to their interests in successfully integrating the  knowledge and processes of three disciplines in their research and careers, the program aims to provide a variety of experiences that help students to:
    1. Develop knowledge and understanding of appropriate concepts, methods, and materials in three disciplines which appropriately constitute the framework of their studies.
    2. Attain fundamental experience to apply knowledge in three unique disciplines while providing opportunities for creative and integrative thinking.
    3. Prepare and present research in peer reviewed journals and conference papers at professional meetings on the local, regional, and national levels.
    4. Participate in professional organizations, becoming members, and attending meetings.
  2. To prepare students to be effective researchers, scholars, engaging teachers, and innovative thinkers, under the mentorship of leading teachers, researchers, and scholars in various fields, for productive careers that will produce interdisciplinary scholarship contributing to a positive and more global outcome, the program aims to provide a variety of experiences that help students to:
    1. Attain fundamental mentorship from committee members from all three disciplines in support of the interdisciplinary research through integrative thinking.
    2. Become independent researchers in an interdisciplinary area of study by developing substantial expertise in that area which will allow them to make an original contribution to it.
    3. Develop a research question with an understanding of previous and current research and be able to demonstrate that knowledge capably.
    4. Apply sound research methods and tools to the research question and describe the methods effectively.
    5. Analyze and interpret research data that makes clear sense of the data.
    6. Communicate effectively in both written and oral forms appropriate to the interdisciplinary study.

Degree Fact Sheet