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Washington State University Graduate School

Entomology, Ph.D

Student Learning Outcomes


All graduates will be able to:

    1.  To provide training that will enable students to become successful professionals in positions in industry, government and academia, the program will provide a graduate experience that will:
        1.  Provide an educational experience that conveys to students an excellent understanding of the breadth of the field of Entomology, and a superb level of specific  expertise in their chosen defined area of this field.
        2.  Develop the expertise to use entomological knowledge to address emerging problems in agricultural science and vector-based human and animal health issues.
        3.  Present research to local, regional, national and international audiences though publications and conference papers. Participate in professional organizations  through membership, attendance and presentations at meetings.
        4.  Improve their ability to teach and communicate though experiential teaching activities within the department and community.
    2.  To prepare students to conduct innovative research on entomologically-based issues of international importance, the program will provide a graduate experience that:
        1.  Encourages students to conduct innovative research of a specific research topic while simultaneously cultivating their ability to recognize and address knowledge  gaps in their field through appropriate research.
        2.  Motivates the student to inculcate a solid understanding of prior research in their field and to demonstrate this understanding through their research reviews, oral  presentations and publications.
        3.  Assists the student to develop an ability to clearly communicate their research findings to professional and stakeholder audiences and to have a robust  understanding of the scientific method, statistical inference and hypothesis testing.
    3.  To enhance the visibility and impact of the graduate program in Entomology at WSU both nationally and internationally, the program will:
        1.  Attract and retain high quality graduate students.
        2.  Provide effective mentoring and tracking of student progress to ensure a quality graduate experience and encourage timely completion of graduate requirements.
        3.  Assist in placement of students in positions in industry, government and academia.
        4. Seek to hire, mentor and retain nationally recognized research faculty that will actively support entomological graduate student research.


Degree Fact Sheet