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Washington State University Graduate School

Educational Leadership, Ph.D.

Student Learning Outcomes


All graduates will be able to:

  1.  Identify and analyze the theories, research, and policies related to the study of K-12 educational leadership: ethics and social justice; inquiry; policy; and leadership/instructional leadership.
  2.  Prepare, write and present clear and coherent critical book reviews and reviews of the literature in educational leadership.
  3.  Understand, evaluate, and apply inquiry knowledge and skills to problems of policy and practice of educational leadership.
  4.  Design, conduct, report, and present clear and coherent research studies that contribute to understanding and solving problems of practice in educational leadership.
  5.  Articulate core values and model the guiding principles of the profession including: commitment to social justice; understanding of ethical responsibilities of leadership; effective and respectful interaction with others of similar and diverse cultures, values, and perspectives; commitment to school improvement and a positive impact on student learning.



Degree Fact Sheet