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Washington State University Graduate School

Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Ph.D.

Student Learning Outcomes


All graduates will be able to:

    1.  Academia:
        1. Possess a national and international reputation for excellence in their area.
        2. Value the significance of quality original scholarly work.
        3. Contribute to the knowledge base within their discipline.
        4. Attract funding for their research.
        5. Provide leadership to professional organizations.
    2.  Industry
        1.  Effectively manage engineering research and/or development research teams.
        2.  Provide leadership in developing industry standards of practice.
        3.  Be creative and innovator.
        4.  Develop profitable products or revenue-saving manufacturing procedures.
        5.  Provide vision for future direction of their companies and for the industry.
    3.  Government Service
        1.  Provide expert technical knowledge in decision-making processes.
        2.  Provide leadership within their technical and professional societies.
        3.  Contribute to the development of public policies.
        4.  Provides global perspective to the use of technical knowledge.


Degree Fact Sheet