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Professional Development Initiative Growing Outstanding Academic and Leadership Skills


Professional Development Summer Grants

At WSU, we are committed to helping you develop the professional skills and networks necessary to pursue your dream career. Therefore, we are delighted to announce a grant program to fund membership to the professional association related to your career and research interests.


Apply HERE!

Grant funds will be awarded based on competitive review of your application.

Application period: Summer 2020 session: May 19 – June 3, 2020.

Results will be communicated by June 10, 2020.

Funding Cap: $75 per grant

Grants Description

The PDI is offering grants to support graduate and professional students in purchasing subscriptions or memberships to professional associations related to their research and career goals. These professional associations, organizations or societies are designed to advance their specific profession, support the interests of people working in that profession and serve the public good. Membership in such professional associations has the career benefits of facilitating a student’s innovation, communication and networking connections.

Grants will be awarded to applications that demonstrate specific advantages to the applicant’s professional and career development. The grants will cover up to $75 of the membership/subscription cost.

Students will be notified by email if their grant application has been approved. The students must then purchase the subscription or membership, and apply for reimbursement, including a receipt verifying payment of the subscription fees.