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Professional Development Initiative Growing Outstanding Academic and Leadership Skills

Learning to thrive, not just survive: Developing resiliency in grad school

With the many demands and challenges of graduate school, most students find themselves trying to survive.  What if this chapter could be more than just surviving?  In this workshop, we offer you valuable tools and skills that acknowledge the demands and challenges of graduate school and help you to shift your perspective to address them in a more productive, empowering, and compassionate way.  Learning and practicing resiliency skills will support you in becoming the student and professional you want to be while thriving in graduate school.

What Graduate and Professional students say about Tidal Leadership

“The Tidal Leadership program has really given me the confidence and skills that I was lacking to tactfully maneuver through office politics to take the lead on several projects simultaneously. This program has also taught me the skills to effectively communicate with team members in any setting. The coursework was perhaps the most important and applicable to real world situations that I have taken thus far and has laid the foundation I needed to become a leader in my workplace and community.” -Justin, Spring 2017